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Sports mouthguards are essential safety gear for contact sports and some non-contact sports where your risk of falling or collision could compromise your dental health. But did you know that custom made mouthguards and not store-bought types are most effective at looking after your mouth and teeth? Here are five surprising facts you might not know about custom made mouthguards for sports.

They offer superior protection against oral injuries

Even though there are three different types of sports mouthguards available (store-bought, boil and bite, and customised), custom made mouthguards offer you the highest level of protection.

custom made mouthguard for sports sunshine coastThis is because they are made to fit the contours of your mouth. Buying a generic size means there’s a real chance of it being too small or too big to fit you snugly enough to protect you against oral injuries.

A store-bought mouthguard will also be made out of lower-quality material, so it doesn’t offer adequate shock absorption or protection to your teeth. Lower-quality material also perishes faster so your gum guard will not last as long.


They should be replaced seasonally

Sports mouthguards need to be replaced every three to six months or once they start showing signs of wear and tear. Even if custom made mouthguards aren’t showing visible signs of wear, if they are being worn by children or adolescents, growth in the jawbone will mean the gum guard no longer fits well and can’t offer you the same level of protection. Keeping your gum guard clean and letting it dry properly between uses can protect its lifespan. If you aren’t sure what condition your mouthguard is in, take it along to your next dental appointment so your dentist can check it out.


You only need a mouthguard for your top arch

For most athletes and sports players, a gum guard for the top arch is usually sufficient, unless you wear orthodontic braces. If you wear braces, custom made mouthguards for your top and bottom arch will protect your lips and tongue against lacerations.


You must clean it thoroughly

Sports mouthguards need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use and allowed to air dry to avoid the overgrowth of bacteria that can cause bad breath. You will be given a ventilated container for your mouthguard, which is ideal for it to dry in.


Sports mouthguards are more affordable than emergency dental treatment

Custom made mouthguards may cost more than store-bought varieties, but this is because they offer a superior level of protection. Having said that, your mouthguard will cost significantly less than any emergency dental treatment you might need in the event that you don’t wear one. If the cost puts you off, ask your dentist about the cost of emergency dental treatment or how much a dental implant costs, as a comparison and you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that it is worth the investment.


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Here’s What You Need To Know About Sports Mouthguards


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