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Wearing a mouth guard during sports provides essential protection to prevent dental injuries, broken jaws and even head injuries. It’s important that sports mouthguards be customised, in order to offer the highest level of protection. Let’s consider some of the benefits of custom mouthguards for sports and why they make a good investment.


The Essential Function Of Sports Mouthguards


Protect Yourself Against Impact Injuries

Custom mouthguards provide the best fit, and therefore the best level of protection when playing contact sports. This means they can help to prevent or minimise

  • Dental injuries such as damaged, broken or knocked-out teeth
  • Broken or dislocated jaws
  • Head injuries such as concussions.

Custom mouthguards prevent dental injuries because they create a cushioned barrier between your jaws. This shields the teeth and can protect them against fractures, cracks, chips and breaks.

The mouthguard also absorbs and redistributes the impact of force that would otherwise be experienced fully, and in one spot (the point of impact). This makes mouthguards effective at protecting the jaw and head against injuries, as well as the teeth, tongue and cheeks. When the jaws come together under impact, it is possible for brain injuries such as a concussion to occur. When you wear a mouthguard this can be avoided.


The Benefits Of Custom Mouthguards For Sports


A Mouth Guard Offers Superior Protection

benefits custom mouthguards for sports sunshine coastWhile there are different types of sports mouthguards available, at different price points, custom mouthguards present the most benefits for sports.

This is because they fit most securely in your mouth, and thus do the best job at protecting your mouth and teeth against impact. 

When your mouthguard is customised it is also much more comfortable to wear during a sports match or practice.


Enhance Your Performance With A Mouthguard 

Custom mouthguards for sports can enhance your athletic performance, making it easier to breathe than a retail or boil and bite mouthguard. Because they fit so well, a custom mouthguard does not move around when you’re playing a game, meaning that they don’t interfere with breathing or communication. Cheaper brands may shift around and impact your ability to speak or breathe easily.


Protect Your Orthodontics With A Mouthguard

Sports players who wear orthodontic braces need added protection, as your braces can cause damage to your mouth and soft tissue if they are impacted. You also need to protect your braces against impact, so they are not damaged, and custom mouthguards offer the best chance to do that as they are engineered to fit around and protect your braces.


Save On Dental And Medical Bills

While the cost of customised mouth guards might be higher than those available from retail outlets, they are still considerably cheaper than paying for the cost of dental and medical injuries and are well worth the investment as you can also bypass the trauma of the injury


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