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When you first start wearing dentures they should feel snug on your gums but as time goes on, you might notice that they no longer fit you as well. Some patients notice a change around six months after fitting dentures because by this stage any inflammation from tooth extractions should have healed and you should have gotten used to them. Denture adjustments and repairs are relatively quick and easy to complete and can solve these issues; today we’re going to explain when they might be needed.


How Do You Know When You Need Denture Adjustments Made?

When your dentist is fitting dentures for you, you will be asked about comfort and he or she will customize them to your comfort level. It is quite common for a new denture to need adjustments despite you performing the correct care measures.

Sometimes discomfort can begin after you have been wearing your dentures for some time. The longer you have been missing teeth for, the more changes can take place to the shape of your jaw. Some of the signs you need an adjustment include



Eating becomes more difficult

Well-fitting dentures make it easy to eat without too much effort. If you notice that biting or chewing is becoming a challenge, it’s a sign you need an adjustment.


Slippage occurs when you use your mouth

If you sneeze, cough or laugh and your denture moves out of place, it’s a sign that yours needs adjustments. 


Discomfort and sore spots develop

It’s quite common to experience some irritation when you first start wearing dentures, but after a few weeks this should change and you shouldn’t feel any pain. If your mouth or jaw starts to feel uncomfortable or sore spots develop, it’s time for repairs.


What Are Denture Adjustments?

A denture adjustment, or repairs, can be done when you need better fitting dentures. If you need simple adjustments, they can be done in your dentist’s office and entails your dental practitioner removing or adjusting the part of the denture that is causing the irritation.


relining dentures necessary sunshine coastDenture relining

If your denture doesn’t follow the contours of your mouth very well, your dentist may suggest a reline. This is a type of repair that entails adding more material to the base. It’s quite common to need a reline after you’ve been wearing dentures for some time.

When your natural teeth are missing, some of your gums and jaw are resorbed, especially in the first three years after losing teeth. If you lose or gain weight, it will also affect the size and shape of your mouth and you can expect to have your denture relined


How Do You Know When It’s Time For A Replacement?

If you’ve been wearing your prosthesis for five years or more and you’ve had a few adjustments already, it’s probably time to have it replaced. It might be possible to keep the artificial teeth and have them put on a new base.

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