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Custom Denture Clinic

Denture care in Caloundra – Premium Denture Care To Suit All Needs

On behalf of owners and brothers, Andre and Pierre, we would warmly like to welcome you to Custom Denture Clinic. Conveniently located in the heart of Caloundra 4551, we provide local residents with premium denture care in Caloundra and the surrounding suburbs.

Patients visiting our denture clinic in Caloundra can benefit from affordable premium dentures made with skill and care but also a range of other denture care services designed to suit the needs of local Sunshine Coast residents.

If you require an emergency denture repair, a reline, a professional denture clean or a premium quality new denture, contact our denture professionals at Custom Denture Clinic in Caloundra.

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Denture Care in Caloundra – About Our Services

When it comes to denture care, Caloundra residents can benefit greatly from our decades of experience within the dental industry. We have a dedicated team of Dental Technicians and Prosthetists right here in Caloundra, who have years of experience in creating a smile right for you, with our contemporary dentures – dentures that are crafted to provide optimum fit and aesthetics, matching your face shape or skin tone.

In addition, our denture care in Caloundra also extends to…

General and emergency denture repairs – Caloundra residents can expect to have their broken dentures fixed as fast as possible, and quality sympathetic denture repairs and emergency fixes on the same day.

Relines and rebases in Caloundra  – Quality denture relines and rebases to improve the fit and denture longevity. 

Professional cleaningDentures in Caloundra need regular cleaning to improve your oral hygiene. We provide a professional cleaning service to patients visiting our denture clinic in Caloundra

Denture Care in Caloundra – About our custom made dentures

At Custom Denture Clinic in Caloundra New Dentures are made using the latest technology and high grade materials to give our dentures exceptional fit and comfort as well as durability.
We also offer our patients 3 free appointments after final insertion in case our patients develop sore spots or uncomfortable areas on the fitting surfaces.

Residents in Caloundra can benefit from a range of fittings including 

  • Full and partial dentures – Our clinicians provide the latest full and partial dentures including flexible partial dentures.
  • Suction Dentures – also known as SEMCD. Designed to better grip the lower jaw for greater retention and stability
  • Digital dentures – Custom-manufactured using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology
  • Implant-retained overdentures – Designed to be stabilised with the latest dental implants fitted by your local implant dentist.

If you would like to find out more about our services and denture care in Caloundra or feel it’s time you invested in a smile makeover, talk to our compassionate and friendly team at Custom Denture Clinic Caloundra today.

Call our Sunshine Coast denture centre on (07) 5315 8076 to book a consultation and let us show you what quality dentures and premium denture care really look like.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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