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Ensuring you practice the relevant denture care tips will keep your dentures looking and working like new. While you will probably need a denture relining every year or two, following best practice for the proper care of dentures can get you more wear out of them.


The Benefits Of Proper Care Of Dentures

Caring properly for your dentures keeps the dentures in good condition, and also protects the health of your mouth, teeth and soft tissues. By following our denture care tips you can keep your dentures clean and stain-free, as well as free of odours.


Taking Your Dentures Out And Replacing Them

When you are first given dentures, the first step in denture care is your dental practitioner showing you how to take them out and put them into your mouth. Make sure you do this gently and correctly, and never use force to take them out or put them back in. If you have any queries or concerns about the process you must raise them with your dental practitioner, as it is important not to allow any potential problem interfere with your oral health care routine.


Denture Care Tips: How To Clean Your Dentures?

It ‘s good denture care practice to give your dentures a good clean and rinse with soap and water daily. Taking them out of your mouth while you sleep gives your gums a rest. Make sure you leave them in a glass of water or cleaning solution at night so they do not dry out.

How To Brush?

Make sure you are in a well-lit area. It is good practice to clean dentures over a basin of water so that if you do drop them during the process, they fall into the water and are less likely to break or get damaged. 

Remove all visible signs of debris using soft brushing movements.

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Also remember to brush your mouth, especially the parts that are not covered by the denture. Don’t forget to brush any natural teeth in your mouth too


Getting Used To Your Dentures

It is quite normal to go through a period where you have to get used to having the dentures in your mouth. Even with good denture care, you will need to grow accustomed to having something foreign in your mouth.

Begin by only eating soft foods for a short interval. This will give you a chance to get used to the denture and how it feels when you bite and chew. Also take small bites so you don’t give your mouth too much work to do.


Denture Care Tips To Follow

  • Always remove your denture before bed. It may also help to prevent fungal infections from developing in your mouth.
  • Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables for optimal gum health.
  • Quit smoking
  • Drink as much water as possible


If you do not practice denture care you can cause infections in your mouth that affect gum health, compromise remaining teeth and create sore spots and ulcers.


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