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Denture Reline on the Sunshine Coast
For Better Fitting Dentures

If your dentures aren’t fitting as well as they used to, then a professional denture reline at one of our Sunshine Coast clinics can provide the perfect solution.

Whether you need a slight tweak or a major adjustment, we’re here to help. We provide same-day denture relines on the Sunshine Coast and suggest coming in the early morning for an afternoon pick-up.

If you need a denture reline, our Sunshine Coast prosthetists are standing by.

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Denture Reline on the Sunshine Coast
Why is it necessary?

No matter how tough your dentures are, it is very common that over time they become loose or ill-fitting.

A denture reline involves adding new dental material to the base of the denture so that it fits as well as it did when you first got it.

What causes dentures to become loose?

Changes in the mouth and gums are the main causes of loose dentures. It could be after a sudden loss of weight, general old age or sometimes a medical condition. When teeth are lost, the bone is resorbed by the body and this causes the gums to shrink in size and the shape of the jaw to alter. Normal wear and tear can also cause dentures to lose their fit.
Many Sunshine Coast patients find that full or partial denture relines are necessary every 1 to 2 years depending on their case.

Denture Relines on the Sunshine Coast
What is the Process?

Sunshine Coast dentists know when to recommend immediate dentures and they do so because there are multiple benefits;

There are two types of denture reline service at our Sunshine Coast clinic:

  • Soft reline – This type of relining uses a soft flexible dental material to adjust the fit of the dentures to your gums. Soft materials are more comfortable for patients and results in less sore spots and a shorter period of time to get used to the fit of their denture
  • Hard reline – These typically use a harder material such as acrylic to reline the denture. While this type of relining lasts longer, because of the hardness of the material, some patients find it irritates their gums. Ultimately, however, a hard reline lasts longer than a soft reline and requires fewer adjustments in the long term.

If you have dentures, you’ll be pleased to know that as well as denture relining we provide other denture care services, including emergency repairs, in case of a denture crack or a chipped or fractured tooth. Because everything is carried out onsite, by experienced local technicians, we’re able to keep costs affordable for our patients.

For first-class denture reline on the Sunshine Coast look no further than Custom Denture Clinic. We provide an efficient same-day service at both of our clinics so why not book yours today. Call Buderim (07) 5317 1023 or Caloundra on (07) 5315 8076.