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Denture relining is a relatively simple procedure that reshapes the underside of a denture in order to get a more comfortable fit against the wearer’s gums. It needs to be done periodically, as the denture loses and changes shape over time. It is a relatively quick and affordable process that should make your dentures more comfortable to wear. The denture relining procedure is categorised into two procedures: soft and hard. Let’s take a look at what is involved in a denture reline.


Why Does Denture Relining Need To Be Done?

When you lose a tooth and its roots are no longer embedded in your jaw, the bone that was once around that tooth will start to deteriorate. The longer the tooth has been missing, the more deterioration will take place. This means that when you first have your denture fitted, the bone structure that was in place will change and after some time, the denture will not fit the contour of your gum and jaw as well as it did previously.


What Happens During A Denture Reline?

During a denture reline, your dentist will clean the denture before sanding away a small amount of the material on the plate. You should discuss your relining options with your dentist, and whether you require a hard or soft relining.


Soft Denture Reline

consider denture relining procedure sunshine coastA soft reline is generally more comfortable, and best suited for patients who have just started wearing dentures. This type of denture relining procedure can be done in your dentist’s office, and quite quickly.

Your dentist will add more depth to your denture by adding liquid polymer, which makes it more comfortable.

Time is saved because the denture doesn’t need to be sent to a dental laboratory, however it may need to be done more often because of the material that is used.


Hard Denture Reline

For a hard denture relining procedure, your denture will be sent off to a dental laboratory to be completed. While you will need to wait a bit longer, your denture will last for longer before needing its next reline because the material is more durable.

Hard denture relining may not be suitable for patients who have sensitive gums as the harder substance may lead to irritation or the development of sore spots.


How Do You Know When You Need A Denture Reline?

Your dentures should fit in your mouth comfortably and snugly. If they are slipping around when you speak or eat, you should speak to your dentist. Ill-fitting dentures can cause irritation and sore spots on the gums. They can also make eating and chewing uncomfortable or difficult.

If you do visit your dentist on a regular basis, he or she will inspect them at each visit to see what condition they are in and how well they fit. Denture relining can help you to avoid getting new dentures and extend the life of your current dentures.


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