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Custom Denture Clinic

Take the Denture Self Test

The following questions relate to common everyday situation you might face with your dentures. Take your time to go through each of these questions and self-assess your current oral health and determine whether you should book an appointment with one of our prosthetits.

If you have answered YES to any of these questions…We can help… Contact or call us today!


Question 1

Are you scared to smile or laugh out loud because you have a fear your dentures will fall out?

Question 2

Are your denture teeth worn away and yellow?


Question 3

Has your appearance changed since you have had dentures; such as wrinkles around your mouth or is your chin closer to your nose.


Question 4

Are you experiencing any kind of pain in your mouth or jaws?


Question 5

Does your denture move excessively, or “rock” from side to side, whilst eating or pressing down on one side?


Question 6

Do you have to use “denture glue” or Polident to get a snug fit in your mouth?


Question 7

Do you avoid eating certain foods, to avoid embarrassment, whilst eating?


Question 8

Are your dentures more than 5 years old?


Question 9

Do you have gaps in your mouth where other teeth have been extracted?