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With the many available options that modern dentistry offers each and every day, it’s always possible to change a hopeless situation that you had to live with through the years into one that allows you to regain your confidence while smiling, eating, speaking, changes in your facial appearance, and enjoying all different social situations.

In a way, to help you know more about dentures and what you’re going to expect before and after the procedures, we’ll discuss the different types of dentures and how they will help you.


Complete dentures: From no teeth to a perfect smile

Complete dentures are usually a complete set of upper or lower teeth, just like the ones that some people can be born with.

That kind of denture is needed when the patient is missing all of their teeth and needs the replacement of all of his natural teeth with removable false teeth. They are designed to fit and look natural when you’re smiling, and they also complete your facial features for an overall more youthful appearance.

Complete dentures are made from acrylic, which is a type of material that looks and feels like natural gum tissue. This helps the dentures to blend in with your gums and give them a real look when you smile.


Partial dentures: Complete your smile

Partial dentures are ones that the patient needs if he still has some original teeth but needs a set of replacements on the same arch.

fake teeth results sunshine coastPartial dentures can be fixed or removable, and they are also made with acrylic or chrome.

Also, there’s a more flexible alternative made with nylon, and consists of plastic bridges and metal clasps that hold them in place, which allows them to be flexible in order to adapt perfectly to your mouth and blend in with your teeth and gums.

Partial dentures are totally secured by your natural teeth, allowing you to eat, speak, and laugh as if you had all of your natural teeth.


Immediate dentures: Replacements after extraction in one day

Immediate dentures are the immediate replacements that you need when all or some of your teeth have been extracted; you can also expect an immediate boost to your appearance and function with the restoration of your teeth in one day.

This option allows you to replace all of your missing and failing teeth at once and start using them right away since they are made in advance. But keep in mind that this procedure will require further adjustments and replacements as your mouth changes over time. So, knowing the expectations while approaching the process is your key to success.

Immediate dentures don’t have a stable base like other types of dentures because your jawbone will shrink during the healing process. That’s why it’s very important to visit your dentist regularly for adjustments and replacements, and you’ll need to have new dentures once your gums have fully healed.



Fixed dentures: Fixed and secure

When a patient has broken teeth, broken restorations and teeth that have become elongated with a lack of bone support due to advanced periodontal disease, not only appearance issues that they’re facing but also speaking, eating, or even socialising can be an irritating challenge.

With fixed dentures, the whole procedure is planned step-by-step using computer-aided or CAD/CAM technology that allows us to virtually design and then mills out the dentures with a high level of accuracy that will fit perfectly to your jaw.

Fixed dentures are technically not considered removable, so you won’t have to worry about taking them out for cleaning. They are attached to the jawbone with dental implants, and they provide a more natural look.

With fixed dentures, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for something that is secure and stable at all times, but it’s important to note that in order to have fixed dentures, you will need to go through a dental implant process, and they’re available in two types:


complete smile prosthetic teeth sunshine coastImplant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures are also implanted onto the jawbone and secured in place with two or more implants for better stability and support.

This type of denture allows you to chew your food better since it can be used as an anchor for complete sets of teeth, providing even greater chewing power. And usually, implant-supported dentures don’t require many adjustments over time either because they tend to fit perfectly from the start.


Implant-retained dentures (Snap-In)

Implant-retained dentures are more common than Fixed and Implant-supported ones because they don’t require as much work. These dentures are also attached to the jawbone with implants, but unlike fixed dentures, they have a snap that connects them to the implant, so you can take them out when needed.

This type of procedure is ideal when you need to replace several teeth on both arches since it fits well and allows you to remove the appliance easily for cleaning purposes.

Either snap-in dentures or non-removable bridgework will be applied on healed ridges giving you a final restoration of the full mouth that looks as much like your natural teeth as possible.


Upper and lower dentures

perfect denture smile sunshine coastThis kind of denture provides the perfect solution for those who have missing teeth and require a prosthesis that provides support, stability, and function.

The type of denture you choose should depend on your individual needs and lifestyle.

Therefore, it’s important to consult with an experienced dentist so they can assess your oral health before making any decisions. With the right upper or lower denture for you, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits these restorations provide in terms of restoring both appearance and function.


Dentures before and after: A new life for your smile! 

As you can see, there are many different kinds of denture options available depending on what kind of situation you’re going through; and all of them offer immediate improvements that you can notice right away and live a much healthier, more confident life.

So, after getting your dentures, you will notice ease and comfort while eating and chewing. You will speak clearly and feel different about your self-esteem. Getting dentures makes your cheeks appear fuller and less sunken. Using dentures also stops your lips from folding inwards, contributing to a more youthful appearance.

So don’t hesitate any longer and start the path towards restoring your perfect smile today!  Our expert dental team will be more than glad to help you make the right choice depending on your needs and lifestyle. Don’t forget that even immediate dentures need the regular maintenance of a professional in order to allow them to work as they should. So go book an appointment or contact Custom Denture Clinic today, and get ready for the big transformation!

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