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When you replace missing teeth, not only do you regain your self-confidence and a harmonious facial aesthetic appearance, but also the capacity for assurance and comfort. Fortunately, you have multiple options available to replace missing natural teeth. You can easily talk with your prosthetist about the various types of dentures that are sure to be a great fit for restoring and enhancing your smile. Let’s explore these potential options together!


A temporary or immediate denture

Temporary dentures are crafted to be utilised after tooth extraction, and they serve as a short-term solution because your gums will still require time for healing. That being said, you need teeth while this natural process happens – which is why temporary dentures exist.



Partial denture

Partial dentures are a great option if you have some remaining natural teeth. They provide a solution to fill in the gaps between missing teeth and can be clipped around your existing teeth for extra support.


Complete denture

Complete dentures are probably the best option if an entire arch is missing. These are made to match your natural gum colour perfectly, and thanks to advances in design, it’s almost impossible for someone else to tell that you’re wearing false teeth.


Removable denture

Removable dentures are the most commonly recommended dental prosthesis due to their ease of care. To keep your removable dentures in place, you can use a special denture adhesive if necessary; on average, they should be replaced every five years. It is much simpler to clean and maintain them compared with other options.


Flexible denture

For those looking for a more lightweight option than partial or removable dentures, flexibles are the perfect fit. Typically lasting anywhere from five to eight years before needing to be replaced, these dental replacements offer both comfort and convenience.


detailed overview fake teeth sunshine coastDigital denture

Digital dentures bring a much more efficient and accurate approach to obtaining false teeth. This is due to the digitally guided software used for scanning your mouth. Not only does this result in fewer adjustments needed, but it also allows you to acquire a prosthesis that fits just right every single time! Plus, what’s even better? Digitally manufactured artificial teeth provide suction which helps with comfort as well as convenience – making them ideal for anyone looking into getting new dentures!


The Importance of good denture care

Practising appropriate denture care is pivotal in maintaining healthy gums that can support dentures correctly. To maintain healthy false teeth and guard against plaque, it is essential to rinse them after every meal or drink. Additionally, brushing your dentures daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush will help eliminate bacteria and other debris from their surface. If you spot any plaque accumulation on your artificial dental fixtures, use an appropriate soak solution to dissolve the deposits away. Furthermore, soaking removable dentures in water overnight not only keeps them flexible but also provides your gums much-needed respite as well.

When selecting the correct type of false teeth, it’s essential to take your factors into account. You need to discuss them with a dental professional as soon as possible! At Custom Denture Clinic, we understand that everyone has unique needs and are here to provide personalised advice for choosing the best option for you. Contact us now, and let’s get started on finding the perfect set of replacement teeth for you.

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