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Custom Denture Clinic

Digital Dentures

Latest denture techniques now available on the Sunshine Coast

  • Precision scan with our latest technology
  • A more accurate fit for an improved comfort
  • Fewer adjustements and faster delivery
  • Digital Backup allowing reproduction of the exact dentures
  • Quality dentures with the latest products on the market

Combining the clinical analogue skills with the CAD/CAM workflow in the laboratory

What are digital dentures ?

Digital dentures are very new to the world of denture manufacturing.

Digital dentures are made by using digital technology that enables us to scan either the impressions the prosthetist will take of your mouth or models that are created by pouring plaster Paris in to the impressions.

This technique uses computer aided or CAD CAM technology that enables us to virtually design and then mill out the dentures to a much better accuracy than was previously achievable.

You guessed it….. the more accurate the fitting surface the better the fit in your mouth and the more chance we have of achieving a better suction that will help you when chewing.

More good news…. Digital dentures are100% reproducible……

Some commonly asked questions about the suction dentures

What does this mean for our patients?
Well, if you are on holiday on the other side of the world and accidentally break your dentures, you can simply call us and we can mill out a new set of dentures for you and simply post it to you without even having to see you.

Also, if you are happy with your set of dentures but would like to have a duplicate set to carry with you in case of emergency…. we are able to do that too and both sets of dentures will be interchangeable and exactly the same. So no more worries for you!

Lastly, we will give you a really nice discount on the second pair for up to six months after you have had the first pair made. This enables you to think about your investment or save for it with plenty of time to spare.

Can Digital dentures also have suction on the lower denture
Yes isn’t that fantastic…. the prosthetist will simply use the new technique developed by Dr Abe when taking the impressions of your mouth and use these to digitally design your dentures with suction.
That was the good part so now the down side of digital dentures….
Firstly, modern equipment and digital technology does come at a cost… so digital dentures are more expensive.

Also, the base of the dentures will be different to your old set of dentures so there is some getting used to the new pair.

However, once you start to eat and chew that becomes so much easier that the slightly enlarged size is soon forgotten.

I would like to know more about the suction dentures…

If you have any further questions with regards to the suction dentures, do not hesitate to fill in the form with your question and contact details. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

However, if you would like to know your elligibility for these dentures, it is essential that you book an appointment for an initial consult.

One of our prosthetist will asses