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Having your denture fitted for missing teeth is a very exciting time, as you can restore function and form to your mouth and be able to bite and chew with the same force as your natural teeth. The process of “how are dentures made” is very precise, and your dentures will be engineered for maximum comfort when eating and speaking. Let’s take a look at the process involved in making a denture.


What Are Dentures?

A denture is a removable prosthesis that can replace a single tooth, a few missing teeth or an entire arch. Dentures sit above your gum line and need to be removed before bedtime so that your gums can be given a break.

How Are Dentures Made?

Knowing how are dentures made really proves why you can’t repair or fix a broken denture for missing teeth on your own. It is a multistage process requiring special instrumentation and equipment, to ensure the perfect fit.

How-Are-Dentures-MadeThe first step in denture-making may require the extraction of one or more teeth, to make space for a denture. Your dentist will need to take digital impressions and x rays of your mouth to create a model of your mouth, in order for your denture to fit really well. Dental plaster or cement will be used to make the model.

Next, your dentist’s impression will be placed in a machine called an articulator, which will mimic the jaw, in order for your dental practitioner to place the false teeth. The teeth will be attached initially using wax.

Once this has been done, the wax will be shaped and carved into gums. When this is finished, the carved wax will represent your gum shape, and this will form the base of your denture.

When the gums are complete, the impression is placed in a flask or holding device. Your dental technician will pour more plaster into the flask, in order to maintain the correct denture shape, and then immerse the flask into boiling water to melt away the wax that was holding the structure together.

If there is any residual wax remaining, it will be washed away. A special liquid is painted onto the plaster so that the acrylic to be injected won’t get stuck to it. Your dental technician will then inject acrylic into the denture, in order to replace the wax that was holding it together. The denture will be cured.

The mould needs to be broken using special instrumentation before it is placed into an ultrasonic bath to remove any leftover plaster.

Any excess acrylic will be removed and the dentures will be polished to make them shiny and more like your natural teeth.

Once they are ready, you will receive a call from your dentist to return for your fitting. your dentist will make the necessary adjustments for maximum comfort.

If you are missing teeth, wearing dentures can restore your confidence when smiling and speaking, and comfort when eating. It’s never too late to replace missing teeth. Please contact us for an appointment or to find out more about how are dentures made:


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