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A denture reline is the process of resurfacing the part of your denture that comes into contact with your gums. Because your gums are not being stimulated by tooth roots, your gums change shape over time, which means that your dentures no longer fit you as closely as they used to. Denture relining compensates for these changes, without you needing to have a new denture made. Let’s take a closer look at ‘how long does a denture reline take’ and what the process entails.


What Are The Signs That You Need A Denture Reline?

It’s quite likely that your dental practitioner will discuss these signs with you when you receive your new dentures, but if you aren’t sure, these are some of the things you should look out for:

  • New teeth loosen in your mouth or fall out
  • Your denture feels loose when you wear it
  • Your denture rubs or pinches your gums, or feels uncomfortable
  • You have lost weight
  • You have had your denture for a while and it has experienced wear and tear through use.


Why Denture Relining Is Important

A well-fitting denture is comfortable. By contrast, when your denture doesn’t fit you properly, it moves around in your mouth, causing irritation and sore spots. It also makes it more difficult to bite and chew and to speak clearly and confidently. By having a denture reline, you can save the cost and time associated with having a new denture made.


denture reline procedure sunshine coastA soft reline

A soft reline is usually recommended when you have a new denture or thin or sensitive gums.

Your dentist will use flexible relining material like silicone to ensure it is comfortable.

Soft relining usually lasts for about 12 months.


A hard reline

In order to complete a hard reline, your dentist will remove a layer of your denture before taking an impression of your denture. Hard relines are usually sent to a dental lab and take longer to complete. Hard relines can last for up to five years and cost a bit more than soft relines.


So, How Long Does A Denture Reline Take?

If you’re having a soft denture reline, the procedure can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes. Of course, this method will result in a denture that doesn’t last as long as one that has had a hard reline.

If you’re having a hard denture reline, the process could take two days if your prosthesis is sent off to a dental lab. If your dental practitioner can reline it in his or her practice, it may take a little less time.


Is It Worth Waiting For?

The alternative is not having your denture relining done. Over the long term, this can cause inflammation of your gums and discomfort, so it is not recommended to ignore a badly-fitting denture. In order to avoid discomfort, it’s best to have the relining done at the first sign of a problem. If there is an alternative, your dentist will let you know, but it’s always best to have it checked by a professional at the very least.

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