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If you are getting dentures, you probably want some idea of how long they will take to create. There is no simple answer to the question of how long does it take to get dentures because it needs to be custom-made for the wearer. You could wait anywhere from six weeks to three months for the process to be complete, depending on your individual needs. Let’s take a closer look at what is entailed in the denture making process, and how long you can expect to wait.


What To Expect When Getting Dentures?

First, your dental practitioner needs to assess your mouth to establish what you need. If you have enough healthy teeth, you may be eligible for a partial denture. However, some patients may need to wait and have their remaining teeth extracted in order to accommodate a full denture.


How Long Does It Take To Get Dentures After Tooth Extractions?

If you are having extractions, you will need to wait for your gums to heal before you can be measured for your denture. On average, it takes between six and eight weeks for the swelling to subside. This is important because if your gums are swollen, your artificial teeth may not fit properly.


Making The Right Impression

Once your gums have healed you will visit your dental practitioner to have an impression taken of your mouth. Your dentist will use a liquid or semi-liquid mould to cover your soft tissues.


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Checking Your Bite

Once the impression has been made, your dentist will make use of wax blocks to get your bite.

You will also choose the colour, shape and size of your false teeth at this stage.


Getting Dentures Made At The Dental Lab

Your dental practitioner will send your impressions and wax blocks to the dental laboratory to have your prosthesis made by a dental technician. A day or two later, the false teeth will be set into the wax. You will return to your dentist for a first fitting at this point. Your dentist will check the fit and function, as well as the aesthetics. Any changes that need to be made will be made to the soft wax before they’re sent back to the laboratory for the final process stage. Then, they will be cleaned and polished before being sent back to your dentist for your final fitting. 

If you cannot wait for the entire process to be complete before getting dentures, you will be fitted with a set of temporary dentures until your final set is ready to be worn. 


What About Immediate Dentures?

If you are under time pressure immediate dentures can be fitted on the same day as your tooth extractions. They are created based on your mouth cavity before tooth extraction.

Getting dentures restores your ability to bite and chew with comfort, as well as giving you a full set of teeth to smile confidently with.


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How Long to Get Dentures? Learn the Most Important Considerations
how long to get dentures

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