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If you’re considering getting a set of digital dentures, you may wonder: how much do these modern-day replacements for missing teeth cost? As with many dental procedures, the price tag on digital dentures can vary greatly depending on the type and materials used in the construction. This blog post will look at all aspects of pricing digital dentures and provide tips for determining the right option that fits your budget. Whether you need an entire upper or lower set of replacement teeth or just one tooth, understanding what is involved in the process and closely examining your financial situation can help ensure you get the best deal possible.

Overview of Digital Dentures and Their Benefits

Digital dentures are custom-made complete removable dental prostheses created using computer software-controlled milling machines. The process begins with a Prosthetist taking a 3D digital scan of the patient’s mouth with a special scanner. This scan is then used to create a virtual model of the patient’s mouth, which is used to create perfect dentures for the patient’s mouth. Digital dentures can be either full or partial dentures.

Digital dentures differ from traditional dentures in many ways. A dental prosthetist takes a plaster impression of the patient’s mouth for traditional dentures. This impression is then sent to a denture laboratory, where the dentures are created. This process can be long and may lead to denture fit or appearance errors. On the other hand, digital dentures are more precise and accurate because they are made using digital denture technology and milling machines.

Benefits of Digital Dentures

Improved Precision

The hallmark of conventional complete dentures is their precision in fit and comfort. Traditional dentures are notoriously known for being uncomfortable and often come off while eating or speaking. The CAD/CAM technology’s precision ensures that the dentures’ fit is precise, making sure it sits comfortably in the patient’s mouth with minimal slippage. Digital dentures have an increased surface area, making it easier to attach to the gums, reducing the risk of particles or fragments between the denture and the gum.

Time Efficient

Another significant difference between traditional and digital dentures is the time taken for the fabrication process. Digital dentures have a faster processing time, and the outcome is more precise because fewer polishing and adjustments are required after fabrication. Since the technology used to fabricate digital dentures is computer-aided, it reduces human errors, thus providing a quicker, more accurate process.


Digital dentures’ durability is another advantage that makes them a popular option compared to traditional dentures. Conventional dentures are susceptible to wear and tear after prolonged use. With digital dentures, you don’t have to worry about your dentures breaking, cracking, or chipping easily. The technology used to manufacture digital dentures makes them highly resistant to abrasion and wear, thus giving you a more long-lasting product.


Digital dentures are versatile in terms of durability and comfort; they can also be made to suit any patient’s needs. They are available in different shades to match your natural teeth’ colour; the dentures’ size can also be adjusted specifically to your mouth shape and size.

Easy Replication

If you are one of those people who accidentally lose their dentures, you understand that it is a significant inconvenience. Traditional dentures can take longer to replace since they must be remade from scratch. However, digital dentures’ CAD/CAM technology has made repairing or replacing a lost or broken denture easier than ever for both the Prosthetist and the patient. You have to give the Prosthetist the details of your old dentures, and they can digitally replicate your dentures, reducing the time taken to make them.

How Much Do Digital Dentures Typically Cost on Average

The cost of digital dentures can vary depending on several factors, including the materials used, the complexity of the procedure, and the Prosthetist’s experience. The average cost of digital dentures in Australia ranges from $1,500 per arch. Full-mouth digital dentures can cost anywhere from $3,000. The cost may also vary depending on location, with prices slightly higher in cities and lower in regional areas.

Additional costs may also be associated with digital dentures, such as the initial consultation, X-rays, and other scans. However, a denture clinic may offer payment plans and financing options to help make the expenses more manageable.

It is important to note that the denture prices reflect not just the materials used but also the skill and experience of the dental practitioner. Choosing an experienced Prosthetist who specialises in digital dentures is essential to ensure you get the best results possible. A skilled Prosthetist will consider your unique needs and preferences, resulting in a more comfortable and natural-looking set of dentures.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Digital Dentures

Some factors can affect the cost of digital dentures in Australia. If you want to know more about these factors, read on!

conventional dentures buderimMaterial Used:

The cost of digital dentures depends on the type of materials used in their manufacturing. The material used in digital denture production can range from low-cost polymers to high-end ceramics. Material quality is a significant factor in determining the cost of digital dentures. The higher quality materials cost more, but they offer better durability and comfort.

The Complexity of the Case:

The complexity of creating the digital denture is another factor that determines the cost. Investing in complex cases may take longer and require additional equipment, leading to higher costs. While time-consuming, procedures such as bone grafting, maxillofacial reconstruction, and implant placement can improve the overall outcome of digital denture production.

Lab or Clinic:

The cost of digital dentures varies depending on whether you choose to have them designed and manufactured in a dental lab or clinic. If you go to a clinic, they may offer lower rates but fewer opportunities to customise the digital dentures. Dental labs, on the other hand, provide specialised services and better customisation options, but the process will be relatively expensive.

Geographic Location:

The cost of digital dentures varies depending on your location. For example, if you live in a big city in Australia, the cost of digital dentures will be higher than in rural areas. This is because the cost of living is higher, and it might cost more for prosthetists and labs to have offices in specific locations.

Prosthetist experience:

The cost of digital dentures also varies depending on the experience and expertise level of the prosthetist. Prosthetists with more experience in digital dentures and advanced education backgrounds can command a premium price for their services. Therefore, before selecting a Prosthetist, comparing their years of experience and customer feedback on digital denture production is essential.

Different Payment Options for Digital Dentures 

dental prosthetist buderimThis blog aims to simplify the different payment options for digital dentures in Australia, empowering you to make informed decisions about securing your perfect set of teeth.

Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance, you may be entitled to a rebate or coverage for denture services. The extent of this coverage will differ depending on your insurance policy and level of coverage. Some health funds have preferred providers with whom you can get a better deal, so it’s worth checking before committing to a dental provider.

Government Assistance

The Australian government has various schemes to assist low-income earners or those with specific needs, such as veterans or those with disabilities. Eligible individuals may receive funding for denture services through the Department of Veterans Affairs or the National Disability Insurance Scheme. You can apply for these services through your prosthetist or online.

Financing Plans

Many dental clinics offer financing plans that allow you to pay for denture services over time. These plans could involve paying a deposit upfront and then paying the remainder in instalments over months or years. Before signing up for a financing plan, carefully read the terms and conditions, including interest rates and fees.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are similar to financing plans, but instead of paying interest over time, you pay the full cost of the services in instalments. This option is suited to those who want to spread the cost of denture services but don’t want to pay interest on top of it. Payment plans often have stricter deadlines, so ensure you can afford the repayment schedule before committing.

Paying Upfront

Paying upfront for your digital dentures often attracts discounts from dental providers. This option allows you to avoid paying interest on a financing or payment plan and cuts down on any administration or processing fees associated with a payment plan. Paying upfront may not be feasible for everyone, but it’s worth considering if you have the financial means.

Tips for Saving Money When Purchasing Digital Dentures

In this blog section, we will provide five tips on saving money when purchasing digital dentures in Australia.

Shop around for the best deal.

Digital dentures can vary in price between dental clinics. Shopping around and comparing costs before committing to a particular clinic is essential. You can use online comparison sites to compare prices easily. Some clinics offer package deals or monthly payment options that can help you save money.

Consider your health insurance.

If you have private health insurance, you may be entitled to some financial assistance towards the cost of your digital dentures. It’s worth checking with your insurer to see if you are eligible for rebates. Some clinics also have agreements with health insurance funds, so be sure to inquire if their clinic participates in such agreements.

Opt for a less expensive material.

Digital dentures can be made from various materials, from acrylic to metal. The material you choose will impact the cost of your dentures. Acrylic, digital dentures are less expensive than metal dentures. While they may not be as durable as metal dentures, they can still provide you with a great fit, look natural, and offer increased comfort. Some clinics also offer hybrid denture options that have a combination of acrylic and metal materials.

Care for your dentures correctly.

To prolong the life of your digital dentures, it’s essential to care for them correctly. Properly cleaning and storing your dentures can prevent costly repairs or replacements. Follow your prosthetist’s instructions on how to care for your dentures to avoid additional expenses.

Routine dental checks

Regular dental check-ups can help you identify any issues with your new dentures early on. This can help prevent any larger and more expensive repairs or replacements. Ignoring early indications of damage or deterioration can cause further problems and lead to additional costs.


Digital dentures can be one of the most cost-effective and convenient dental solutions out there, offering patients reliable and comfortable artificial teeth that are built to last. Uniquely designed tools allow for precision measurements, giving you a custom-made denture that fits your mouth perfectly. Hopefully, this blog post has helped introduce you to the world of digital dentures and outlined just how much they cost. In closing, if you want to learn more about which dental treatments are right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our expert team is always available to answer any questions about dental restorations or provide additional information at (07) 5315 8076.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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