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Denture cleaning is as important as keeping your natural teeth clean. Following the correct denture care procedure can keep your mouth free of bacteria and inflammation. Let’s take a closer look at “how often should dentures be cleaned?”.


The Importance Of Denture Care

Your mouth is full of bacteria that is kept under control through oral hygiene. When you brush your teeth, soft tissue and tongue, you are removing the sticky build-up of plaque that develops over your mouth surfaces. If this plaque is not removed it can calcify and turn into a substance called tartar that can lead to inflammation and decay of any remaining teeth. It can also cause irritation and sores to develop on the surfaces that are in contact with your dentures. Regular denture cleaning removes plaque and bacteria, gives you fresher breath and ensures a high level of oral hygiene.


Denture Care 101: Denture Cleaning Tips

It’s important that you remove and rinse your dentures after every meal. This prevents food and debris from getting trapped in your dentures. 

Make sure that you clean your mouth each time you remove your dentures for cleaning. It doesn’t make sense to clean your dentures and return them to an unclean mouth, as this will just transfer the bacteria back onto your prosthesis. 

tips how often should dentures be cleaned sunshine coastBrush your dentures and any remaining natural teeth twice a day to keep them clean and free of stains. You should use a soft-bristled toothbrush, cleaning each surface of each false tooth, and mild denture cleaner or soap. Dentures need to be removed before cleaning, and this actually makes it easier to ensure you do a thorough job at cleaning them. 

Soak your dentures overnight. Soaking dentures in water overnight ensures they keep their shape so that they fit your mouth well. 

Once or twice a week it is a good idea to give your dentures a deep clean, using a denture soak or a solution of water and vinegar. This will remove any calcified deposits that you may have missed with brushing. Just remember to rinse them thoroughly before you put them back into your mouth. Partial dentures should not be soaked in vinegar solution as it can cause the metal clasps to deteriorate. 

So, How Often Should Dentures Be Cleaned?

Your denture care routine is similar to caring for your natural teeth, except that dentures should be rinsed after every meal. Don’t forget to soak them regularly. 

Cleaning your dentures regularly keeps them free of stains and in good condition for longer.  It also ensures you have a clean mouth and fresh breath so the health of your oral cavity is not compromised. Your dentist will inspect the condition of your dentures when you have your regular checkups, so don’t forget this twice a year. He or she can help you with denture care tips if you have any questions or concerns.


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