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Keeping your mouth clean and free from bacteria is an essential step in maintaining good oral health, and denture cleaning are no different. Your dentures require the same level of care and maintenance as natural teeth, in order to keep your mouth healthy. Today we are going to take a closer look at how to remove plaque from dentures and why it is so important.


What Is Plaque And Why Should It Be Removed?

Plaque develops when bacteria, waste products and debris accumulate on your teeth, dentures, gums and teeth. Plaque can cause decay on any remaining natural teeth you may have, and it can also build up on your dentures, causing fungal and gum infections in your mouth.

Regular denture cleaning is the best way to prevent this build-up from occurring, but there are certain rules that should be followed in order to avoid damage to your false teeth.


Remove Your Dentures

You must remove them before you can clean dentures, but you do need to be careful about handling them as dropping your dentures can cause damage or breakage. It’s good practice to remove them over your bathroom basin and to fill it up with water. You can also place a folded towel over the edge of the basin.

If you do use denture adhesive, you can swish some water around your mouth to loosen the glue.

When you have removed them you must ensure you remove all the residual adhesive from before you commence with denture cleaning. You can insert your dentures into ice water to harden the glue before pulling it off manually.

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Any adhesive that remains stuck to your gums can be brushed away with hot water and a toothbrush.


How To Clean Dentures

Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean dentures, and avoid using toothpaste as it can cause damage and abrasion. If you do not have a specific denture cleaner, you can use liquid soap with cold or lukewarm water. Remember that hot water can cause damage and make your denture go out of shape.

Effective denture cleaning requires you to be very thorough and to clean every component carefully. This means brushing inside, outside, on both sides of the clasps, and all surfaces that will come into contact with your gums and soft tissue.


Using Tablets To Clean Dentures

While some people like to use denture tablets once or twice a week, if you want to remove plaque it is important to brush manually first, as this removes most of the build-up. You should not use denture tablets or a vinegar solution to remove plaque from dentures that have metal components as this can cause corrosion.


Don’t Forget Professional Check Up And Cleaning

Your dental practitioner has specialised equipment to clean dentures quickly and effectively so don’t forget to go for your recall appointments. This is also important to ensure your dentures fit your mouth well.


If you need personalised input on how to remove plaque from dentures, it’s time to get in touch with us. Please contact us for a convenient appointment: (07) 5317 1023 / (07) 5315 8076.

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