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Rinsing your mouth guard before and after each use is always a good idea, but cleaning mouth guards is important to avoid a build up of plaque, bacteria, fungi and yeast. The more often you use a mouthguard, the more often you will need to clean it. Let’s take a step by step look at how to clean a mouth guard.

Wearing a mouth guard is a very effective way to protect your face and teeth against dental injury. Custom-fitted mouth guards provide the highest level of protection, because their secure fit ensures better shock absorption and cushioning between the jaws. Mouthguards are recommended for use when playing high risk sports and at night if you are prone to grinding your teeth when you sleep.

Keeping your mouth guard clean extends its lifespan and makes it more hygienic for use. If you don’t clean your mouthguard often or well enough, you will put yourself at risk of tooth decay and gum infection.



How To Clean Mouth Guards: Important Care Tips

If you use your mouth guard every day, you need to keep it clean to ensure it stays in good condition for longer.

Rinse your mouthguard in cool water, before and after you use it each time.

You should give it a more intensive clean once a week, using antibacterial soap and a soft toothbrush. If you need to give mouth guards a deeper clean, you can also soak them in a denture soak or alcohol-free mouthwash. If you prefer to use home ingredients, you can also use a solution of white vinegar or baking soda with water. This will remove any surface build up and disinfect the mouthguard.


How To Clean A Mouth Guard: General Care Tips

Looking after your mouth guard can help to protect the specialised plastic and keep it in good condition for longer. Here are some tips:

  • Always ensure you store your mouth guards in a protective case when not in use. Make sure it is dry before storing it. mouthguard cleaning tips sunshine coast
  • Don’t expose mouth guards to high temperatures: direct sunlight, boiling water and leaving it in the car can cause irreparable damage.
  • Only use mouth guards as directed. Do not bite or chew on it, as this can tear the material.
  • Avoid drinking high sugar drinks while wearing your mouthguard as this can put your teeth at risk of decay.
  • Mouthguards don’t last forever, so you should inspect your mouthguard on a regular basis to ensure it still fits well and does not have any damage or weak spots. Children should get a new mouthguard every 12 to 18 months or when they have had a growth spurt. For adults, a change in fit is usually an indication that the mouthguard needs to be replaced. 
  • Make sure you keep your mouthguard out of reach of family pets, for hygiene reasons. 


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