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Dentures provide an economical way to replace natural teeth lost from tooth decay, trauma, and gum disease. At the same time, though, poorly fitting dentures can negatively affect your appearance and confidence, and they may also hinder your speech and make eating difficult. How can you make your dentures more comfortable? Discover more about denture care below.


Why do dentures feel uncomfortable?

There are many reasons denture wearers might have problems with dentures that don’t fit well. When the dentures are new, they can feel uncomfortable for some patients. They require some getting used to as they fit too snugly against the gums. At first, you may experience sore gums and have trouble speaking correctly. A few weeks after your initial fitting, your prosthetist will have you come back to the clinic to check the fit and see if any further adjustments are required. Other reasons for ill-fitting dentures include:

  • Dentures have warped
  • Bone recession 
  • Daily wear and tear



How to make your dentures fit better?

Fortunately, there are ways to make your dentures fit better and more comfortably. Here’s how:


Visit your prosthetist 

If your dentures are no longer fitting properly, visit your prosthetist as soon as possible. They can adjust the acrylic so that it doesn’t rub against any areas of your gums, preventing further discomfort. Your prosthetist can also do a reline, which will make your dentures fit better. This process involves adding new material to the base of your current denture in order to improve the fit. The new layer conforms to the shape of your mouth and gum line, creating a snug fit for your dentures. 


Select the appropriate denture adhesive

Not all denture adhesives are created equal. If you’re finding that your dentures aren’t suiting you well or are uncomfortable, try changing up the adhesive you use. You may find that an easy switch, such as using a powder instead of paste or a strip rather than gel, solves the problem. If your dentures are giving you trouble, try using different adhesives for a week and see if it helps. Keep in mind that these products may not function if you have a dry mouth, as saliva works like a natural adhesive system.


Take proper care of your dentures to keep them fitting well 

tips fitting prosthetic teeth sunshine coastRough handling will potentially damage dentures, so it’s important to handle them with care. If you keep your false teeth in good condition, they will fit better.

Furthermore, leftover adhesive and food particles can cause dentures to feel less than comfortable. By using the proper products and routinely cleaning your dentures, you can reduce your risk of developing a mouth infection.

Although care and maintenance cannot make dentures fit better if they are initially ill-fitting, they can help them last longer. 


Get good-fitting dentures at Custom Denture Clinic

Are your new dentures causing you discomfort and pain? Speak to our prosthetist as soon as possible. At Custom Denture Clinic, we love to help our patients choose what is best for their teeth and dental health! Our prosthetists have years of experience providing well-fitting dentures that look natural. We use the latest technology to create a perfect fit for any patient’s mouth.

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