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Immediate dentures are designed to be fitted immediately following tooth extraction. They are usually a temporary solution to fill in the gaps until you are ready for the next stage of your treatment. They not only help to avoid the embarrassment of missing teeth but also help in the healing process of your gums.

We regularly work in conjunction with dentists on the Sunshine Coast to provide immediate dentures as part of their treatment planning until the patient is ready for a more permanent solution.

If you are located on the Sunshine Coast and would like to know more about immediate dentures, then why not book a free assessment?

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What are the steps?

Walking around with missing teeth after an extraction can be a very embarrassing situation. This is why an immediate denture is a great solution and is often done at our denture clinic, here on the Sunshine Coast. It is used for both partial and complete dentures which are inserted immediately after your dentist has extracted your teeth.

The dentures are designed and processed while you still have your natural teeth in. Our dental prosthetist takes impressions and fabricates the denture to match the original smile or remaining teeth but unfortunately the denture cannot be tried on before the extraction. It can happen that slight modifications are needed after insertion.

However, it is important to remember that as the swelling reduces, the gums will usually start to shrink and your dentures may become loose. A temporary liner may be needed and in some cases a few times over the first 3-6 months. 

Once we are confident that most of the shrinkage has occurred, we will either recommend a permanent reline or a replacement of your denture. Our dental prosthetist will chat to you about the different options during your consultation.

What are the Benefits of an Immediate Denture?

Sunshine Coast dentists know when to recommend immediate dentures and they do so because there are multiple benefits;

  • They restore aesthetics immediately – There is no need to appear in public with missing teeth
  • It becomes easier to replicate the shape, size, and alignment of your teeth while some teeth are still present in your mouth
  • An immediate denture acts as a band-aid to reduce bleeding while providing protection to the tissues
  • Immediate dentures allow you to adopt a speech pattern early
  • They enable you to chew better than without any teeth during the healing process and can minimise any facial distortion which can occur when multiple teeth are extracted

Immediate dentures at our Sunshine Coast clinic aren’t always a suitable option for everyone and if you have oral problems or some other health problem it may not be advisable.

If you are scheduled for one or multiple teeth extraction and are concerned about your public appearance during the healing process or until further treatment, then, an immediate denture is a great solution. Why not book a consultation with our friendly and experienced clinicians by calling either of our clinics at Buderim (07) 5317 1023 or Caloundra on (07) 5315 8076.

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