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Mouthguards on Sunshine Coast
Custom Sports Mouthguards

If you or your child plays a contact sport then you know the importance of the protection offered by good mouthguards. Our Sunshine Coast denture clinics provide custom sports mouthguards that protect players from injuries to the mouth, teeth and jaw sustained from a fall or body contact, when playing or training for a sport.

Our custom fitted mouthguards are comfortable, accurately fitted, and enable you to speak clearly; and with plenty of colour combinations to choose from, you can also request to personalise with your name or phone number.

If you require custom sports mouthguards on the Sunshine Coast, then why not schedule a consultation today.

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Mouthguards on the Sunshine Coast
Experienced Providers

Custom sports mouthguards from both our Sunshine coast clinics provide a high-quality, tailored alternative to boil and bite over-the-counter mouthguard products and are designed to perfectly fit your dental needs and, most importantly, your mouth.

With their dental technician background, our experienced prosthetists, Andre and Pierre, know exactly what is needed to ensure the best design and technical fit is achieved.

Having an in-house dental laboratory also enables us to ensure that high-grade dental materials are used (as per Australian standards). It also means that in case of an emergency, we can process your mouthguard rapidly.

Requests for custom mouthguards at our Sunshine Coast clinic come from all types of athletes, from those just joining their school team to professional athletes at the top of their game.

Play Safe, Wear a Mouthguard

We’ve been providing top-quality mouthguards in the Sunshine Coast since 2015 when we were first established.

Our custom made laminated mouthguards are more comfortable and offer better protection than a prefabricated guard because they are designed to fit closely to your teeth and gums. Not only do they help minimise dental injury, but also help absorb the shock, making any concussion suffered during a contact sport less severe.

Wearing a custom mouthguard also gives protection from tooth loss and fractures and protects the gums and other soft tissue. This means you can play with confidence and protect yourself from costly dental work.

How our Sunshine Coast
Mouthguards are made

First, an impression is taken gently and with care by our registered prosthetists to ensure a precise fit. From this, your mouthguard is then made by our in-house lab for a speedy turnaround time.

A large range of colours helps identify your team players or reflects your personal style. We can also layer your name and phone number into the mouthguard which comes in handy if you misplace it. We also offer the possibility to design a personalised team mouthguard with your specific club colours (terms and conditions apply, call us to confirm).

Don’t put your smile at risk, play it safe with mouthguards from our Sunshine Coast Denture Clinic. To book a consultation call us
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