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All new denture wearers need to go through a period of adjustment but once you have got accustomed to wearing them, you’ll be really pleased with your decision to invest in denture treatment. In this article, we take a look at some practical tips for new denture wearers and what you can expect in the first month.


Helpful Tips For New Denture Wearers

Denture treatment benefits your oral health and enhances your self-confidence. Knowing how to adjust to your new prosthesis will make the process smoother and more comfortable.



Eat Soft Foods

Adjusting to new dentures can take up to 30 days so it’s essential to be gentle with your gums during this phase. Ease into eating with soft foods that are easy to chew and, try to chew evenly so that you are using both sides of your mouth. Cut your food into small pieces and take small bites.

Day 1 after denture treatment is when you need to eat the softest foods as your gums will be at their most sensitive. For the first two weeks, you can expect an increase in the amount of saliva you produce, and sore spots might develop. Rinse your mouth with warm saline solution to soothe your gums.


Give Your Gums A Chance To Rest

New denture wearers should allow at least six to eight hours of rest per day. For most people, this is easiest at night when you are asleep. This gives your soft tissue a chance to heal and repair if your dentures have caused irritation. When you take them out at night, make sure you store them in a glass of water or denture solution that your dentist approves. This will help them to maintain their shape.


Use A Denture Soak

Soaking your prosthesis in a denture soak will remove plaque deposits and keep your dentures like new. Don’t forget to rinse them well before putting them back into your mouth.


Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene

New denture wearers need to remember to brush them at least once a day to avoid fungal infections and bacterial overgrowth. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your dentures, and a separate brush for your gums, tongue, and cheeks so that you don’t have plaque accumulation. It’s also advisable to rinse your dentures every time you eat and drink.


denture tips comfort sunshine coastConsider Using An Adhesive

Using denture adhesive can keep your prosthesis in position, prevent slipping and help you to avoid sore spots. It also stops food from getting trapped between your denture and gums.

If you do decide to use adhesive, chat to your dentist first and make sure you clean all the residue from your gums every evening before bed.


Practice Makes Perfect

You might find it a bit uncomfortable to eat and speak during the first two weeks after your denture treatment, but with practice and patience, you will get there. By the end of the first month, most of your adjustment issues should have settled but if you’re still experiencing discomfort, give your dentist a call.


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