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Dentures provide a stable tooth replacement option for patients who are missing some or all of their teeth. Digital dentures have improved the quality and accuracy of the process, resulting in a more comfortable prosthesis for patients and a more efficient denture procedure. Let’s try to answer the question ‘what are digital dentures’.


What Are Digital Dentures?

Digital dentures differ from traditionally crafted dentures in the sense that they make use of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). This means that the design and final product fits perfectly with the contours of your mouth. The end result is dentures that fit you comfortably and allow you to enjoy your quality of life.


What Are Digital Dentures Benefits?



Get A Custom Fitted Prosthesis For Tooth Replacement

Traditional dentures are always customised to your mouth, but without CAD and CAM support, the margin for error is present. When the procedure is digitised, the possibility of human error is mitigated.

Using computer-aided technology means your dental practitioner has a better understanding of where to replace your artificial tooth on the base, mimicking the position of your natural tooth more accurately. 

Wearing digital dentures means a much snugger and more comfortable fit that is less likely to cause sore spots to develop on your gums. It also means you will be much less likely to have to return to your dentist to have your prosthesis adjusted. With plaster models, shrinkage occurs naturally and needs to be compensated for during manufacturing. Sometimes this can affect the way the prosthesis fits but with digital dentures, this is no longer an issue for patients and dental professionals.


More Versatility

Thanks to advances in digital dentistry, it is now possible to scan the printed impression your dental practitioner took of your mouth.


Higher Grade Materials

Digital dentures make use of higher-grade materials that complement the digital procedure. These materials are more robust and have a high level of impact resistance and durability, which means fewer chips and giving you longer lasting dentures and greater value for money. 

Higher grade materials also create a more natural and realistic prosthesis than ever before.


Enjoy More Efficiency

digital dentures functions sunshine coastWith traditional dentures, patients generally have to wait a week or two for their prosthesis to be manufactured and wear immediate dentures while they wait. With digital denture production, the time to manufacture your prosthesis is much shorter.

Because digitisation allows for backups to be stored, it also means that any future prosthesis you need can be completed more efficiently. Lost or damaged dentures can be replaced much faster now, so if you need a new denture we will simply use the backup we have on file. It also means that subsequent sets of digital dentures can be reproduced at a much lower cost, as the design has already been done.


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