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If you’ve been wearing your dentures for a while and they have started feeling uncomfortable, it might be time to consider relining of the denture. This is a relatively quick process where your dental practitioner will reline the base of your prosthesis, to make it fit better and feel more comfortable. Denture relining is a convenient alternative to denture replacement, and it can often be completed on the same day. In this post, we will explain how the denture reline process works to improve fit and comfort.


The Denture Reline Procedure: Why It’s Done

Changes to your gums can occur within a few years of losing your teeth. When you wear dentures, you no longer have tooth roots in your gums, and this can cause bone loss. When your jawbone loses mass, the gum tissue that covers it also changes shape. This means the dentures you had fitted initially, will not fit your gums as snugly as before. Denture relining can save you from the expense of getting a new prosthesis made, by ensuring you have a comfortable fit.

Normal wear and tear, as well as microcracks in the prosthesis, may also affect the way it fits you and may necessitate a denture reline. 



It’s important to consider a denture reline at the first sign of discomfort. If it is not addressed, it can lead to complications such as ulcers, overgrowth of tissues and fungal infections.


What To Expect From Relining Of Denture

If you notice irritation or find your dentures are moving around when you eat or speak, make an appointment to see your dental practitioner as soon as possible. Your dentist will evaluate your mouth to see how much irritation is present.

If there is a lot of irritation, you may be given a temporary reline and be asked to return at a later date for a permanent reline. 


How Does Permanent Denture Relining Work?

First, your dentist will remove and clean your dentures. Then he or she will remove a small amount from the plate. Your dentist will focus on the areas that are causing the most discomfort in your mouth.

expectation first reline dentures sunshine coastFinally, soft or hard resin will be added to your dentures. Before the resin hardens, you will bite down on the dentures to make an impression that fits the contours of your mouth perfectly.

Ultimately, the process adds additional material to the parts that are causing pain or discomfort in your mouth. Sometimes, this process repairs damaged or broken prostheses. Relining of the denture can usually be done in the dental practice, however, if major changes are required, your denture might be sent to a dental laboratory. 


What Are The Benefits Of Relining Denture?

Denture relining can save you from the constant irritation, and the discomfort of your prosthesis moving around when you speak and eat. By getting a denture reline as soon as possible, you may be able to avoid sore spots and fungal infections developing in your mouth.


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