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The best, custom fitted denture… on the Sunshine Coast

  • New technique that can attain suction in both upper and lower dentures
  • No surgery
  • 80% success suction on lower denture
  • Stability greatly increased
  • Expect the best fitting dentures available today

What is a lower suction Denture?

A lower or mandibular suction denture is the very latest technique that allows us to get the same suction that can be achieved on the top denture on the bottom denture too.

This revolutionary technique, known as “Suction effective mandibular complete dentures” or SEMCD for short, was developed by Dr Jiro Abe from Japan, he spent his life developing a technique that allows a mostly consistent result.

Some commonly asked questions about the suction dentures

How does it work?
This suction on a denture is achieved by having an airtight seal between the underside of the denture (fitting surface) to the tissues in the mouth.

The denture is held in place by the forces of cohesion.

Cohesion is best explained and happens when 2 flat surfaces of glass are placed together with a liquid between the surfaces. It is extremely hard to separate the two pieces of glass by pulling them apart at a ninety degree angle; in fact the easiest way to separate the glass would be to slide the one piece of glass over the other until they no longer are in close contact, whereby they will easily come apart.

This force of cohesion is dependent on the liquid, and in the mouth, the liquid would be your saliva.

Does it work on everyone?
Eight out of ten patients can attain suction on the lower denture.

In some cases suction is not achievable. This is mostly because some patients suffer from Xerostomia or lack of saliva. This lack of saliva can be caused by some medications or sometimes by radiation therapy for other medical conditions a patient may have.

Sometimes the morphology or shape and form of the tissues in the mouth are not favourable as well.

What if I don't get suction?
Even if suction is not achieved, the techniques still allows us to deliver a result that is far superior in stability than with the older techniques still being used in most denture clinics.
Can all Denturist/Prosthetist/Dentist do this?
Only those that have been SEMCD certified.
Is there surgery involved?
No there is no surgery, clinician guides the patient through the impression process, using mouth movements and sounds in order to achieve an accurate custom fit.
I have a large amount of bone loss, can this technique help me?
Yes, suction is not contingent on the amount of bone, but relies more on the surrounding tissue.
What can I expect from suction dentures?
You can expect the best fitting dentures available today.

I would like to know more about the suction dentures…

If you have any further questions with regards to the suction dentures, do not hesitate to fill in the form with your question and contact details. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

However, if you would like to know your elligibility for these dentures, it is essential that you book an appointment for an initial consult.

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