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It is quite normal for a denture to lose its shape over time, owing to a number of difference factors. Relining your denture can restore its shape to ensure a comfortable and functional fit once again. Let’s explore the question of ‘what is a denture reline’ and how this service can benefit your dental health. 


What Is A Denture Reline?

Also known as a denture readjustment, a denture reline is done to restore the fit and function of your dentures. During this procedure a new base will be fitted onto the base of your denture. Denture relining is done most commonly to replace a loose base that is loose or no longer fits well. It is a functional adjustment that will not affect the aesthetics of the way your dentures look.


Why Might You Need A Denture Relining?

Some of the most common reasons for doing a denture reline include


Changes To The Size And Shape Of Your Gums

This occurs for a number of reasons and includes the conditions of your gums, your age and weight fluctuations. An underlying medical condition may also have an effect on your gums.

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Lifestyle Choices

If you eat a lot of hard food, it can make an impression on your gums, pushing them back and causing some shrinkage.

Even if you don’t do this regularly, the normal wear and tear of eating will have an impact on your gums.

Are There Different Types Of Denture Relining?

The type or relining or adjustment you have will depend on the type of dentures you have and whether they are hard or soft.


Soft Denture Relining

Soft denture relining is done when the base of your dentures is made from a soft, pliable material that ensures a comfortable and snug fit against your gums. Soft dentures are considered more comfortable to wear, making them easier to adjust to and less likely to generate sore spots.


Hard denture relining

Hard dentures are usually made from an acrylic material. Conversely harder materials can cause gum and soft tissue irritation. But this also means that they are more robust and longer lasting, and will require fewer relines and adjustments in the future.


How Often Will You Need To Reline Your Dentures?

You can expect to do a denture reline every year or two, depending on your personal circumstances and the type of denture you have. A hard denture may require a few xtra adjustments at the beginning to ensure it fits nicely.

Signs that you might need a denture reline include

  • Sore spots in your mouth
  • Gum irritation
  • Poorly fitting dentures that move around when you speak or chew
  • Problems with chewing or speaking because of the movement.

Visiting your dental practitioner regularly will ensure that you can discuss any concerns you might have about a reline. If you know you need relining, you should speak to your practitioner about a same-day reline service.


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