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Mouth guards do an important job of protecting your teeth and soft tissue from injury. And while it may seem obvious for them to be worn during contact sports, even if they are not mandatory, they should be worn during any sport, especially amongst children as they can help to protect you against serious injuries and damage. If you ever had any doubts, we’re going to be exploring “how do mouthguards work” to protect your mouth and teeth.


What Can Mouth Guards Protect You Against?

The threat of contact during sports brings with it the potential for injury. Some of the more serious injuries include 

  • Broken jaws
  • Lacerated tongue and soft tissue
  • Cracked, fractured or knocked-out teeth

Some of these injuries can cause a great deal of trauma, and a long time of recovery, as well as the unnecessary expense that could have been avoided, should your child have been wearing a mouth guard.

For contact sports such as rugby, hockey and boxing it may seem obvious to wear fitted mouth guards, but these types of injuries can also occur during non-contact sports such as netball, skateboarding, soccer, cricket and basketball.

For younger players who may wear orthodontic braces, mouth guards play a really important role in protecting soft tissue against damage and injury caused by your braces. Older patients who grind their teeth or suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea will also benefit from a protective mouth guard.


So, How Do Mouthguards Work?

treatment do mouthguards workA custom-fitted mouthguard works by creating a physical barrier between your teeth and anything that might come into contact with them. In the event that there is an impact on your mouth, the mouthguard will absorb and spread the impact, rather than allowing your teeth to take the force of the blow.

A custom-fitted mouthguard is superior to store-bought and bite-and-boil mouth guards because it is designed for your exact mouth shape. This means it will fit snugly and comfortably and not interfere with your ability to speak clearly. When mouth guards are well fitted they should not cause a gag reflex, or need to be held in place by your other jaw.


How Long Do Mouthguards Work For?

Because a custom-fitted mouthguard is manufactured from a special type of plastic, it should not be overheated or immersed in very hot water. If you clean mouth guards after every use, store them correctly and keep them out of high temperatures, your mouthguard could last you for several seasons before it needs to be replaced.

Are Fitted Mouthguards Worth It?

The kinds of dental injuries that can occur if you are unprotected during contact sports can cost a great deal more to resolve than it costs to purchase a mouthguard. A fitted mouthguard is a preventative piece of equipment that can save you a lot of expense and inconvenience in the future.


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