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Well-fitting dentures do not irritate your mouth or create sore spots. They stay in place when you speak and eat, and help you to feel confident in sharing your smile. It’s vital that your dental practitioner creates dentures that are fitted exactly to the contours of your mouth, and if your denture doesn’t, only your dentist can make the changes necessary for a comfortable fit. With that said, they can also take some getting used to. Let’s take a closer look at how to make your dentures fit better.


How To Make Your Dentures Fit Better?

Well-fitting dentures restore form and function to your mouth, as well as facial symmetry.


Getting Used To Wearing Them

Your dentist will custom make your denture to fit the size and shape of your mouth, but when you first start wearing them you may experience some discomfort. This is an adjustment period and the best you can do is to try to speak and eat normally and be as patient as possible.


Give Yourself A Break

ways making dentures fit sunshine coastDental experts recommend that you give your gums a break of six to eight hours a day so that any soreness or irritation has a chance to heal.

The most convenient time to do this is at night when you sleep.

You can leave your denture in a glass of water or denture soak to keep it supple and flexible.


Consider Using A Denture Adhesive

Using a good denture adhesive can accelerate you towards better fitting dentures. It helps to keep your dentures in place when speaking and eating, and it also seals the space between your dentures and gums so that they are more comfortable and fit better. 


Keep Your Dentures Clean

Dentures need to be cleaned just like natural teeth, and not cleaning or storing them correctly may affect your comfort level when wearing them.


What To Do About Loose Dentures?

There will come a time when your denture doesn’t fit you well anymore. You might notice them becoming loose or moving when you speak or eat. This is due to bone resorption that takes place, which changes the contours of your mouth.

If you wear ill-fitting dentures for too long, it can cause irritation and sore spots in your mouth. Ill-fitting dentures may also be an indication of gum disease, so if you have been wearing yours for a while, and you notice a change in fit, it’s time to speak to your dental practitioner.

Your dental practitioner may recommend a hard or soft reline, or a new set to be made if the shape of your mouth has changed drastically.



Handle Pain Quickly and Minimise Oral Problems

Any pain or discomfort that occurs as a result of wearing your denture should be discussed with your dentist as soon as possible. If you need to wear better fitting dentures, only your dentist can make the necessary adjustments.


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