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Wearing dentures gives many people the opportunity to smile with confidence, and to enjoy their food when eating. The most important feature of an effective denture is a good fit, and this generally comes down to the design of the denture. Before your dentures are created, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth to ensure that your false teeth fit well in your mouth. We’ve put some tips together that should help you with understanding how should dentures fit in your mouth.


The Benefits When You Wear Dentures

Dentures present a number of benefits to patients who wear dentures. Some of these include

  • Smiling with confidence
  • Eating and chewing with comfort
  • Feeling more confident about your mouth and teeth
  • Restoring facial volume to the cheeks where there has been significant volume loss.


How Should Dentures Fit In Your Mouth?

benefits how should dentures fit in your mouth sunshine coastYour new dentures will feel snug in your mouth. Over the course of the first and second day, this may start to feel uncomfortable, but remember that any discomfort and soreness will be temporary and should improve in the following days. It’s important that your dentures fit snugly because they need to bite and chew your food effectively.

Top dentures will suction to your upper gums to ensure they fit well. If you wear dentures on your lower jaw, they may float a bit higher on your jaws, but they should still feel secure.


Consider Using A Denture Adhesive

Using a denture adhesive forms a seal between your gums and your dentures. This can help to prevent them from moving around when you speak and eat. This stops food from getting trapped between your denture and your gums as it helps your dentures fit better. It may also feel more secure and give you more confidence when speaking and socialising. 

Care For Your Dentures Properly

Maintaining your dentures is an essential part of your oral care routine, and may help you to keep your dentures in top condition for longer. If you wear dentures it’s important that you clean them every evening, and leave them to soak overnight. This removes any debris and plaque build-up. You also need to keep your gums clean, brushing them with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Do not use very hot or boiling water when cleaning them as it may affect the way your dentures fit. Your dentures are fragile and need to be handled with care to avoid damage and to ensure your dentures fit well for as long as possible before they need to be relined. 

Report any new or worsening pain to your dentist. If you feel discomfort, or find it laborious to chew your food after the first week, discuss your denture fit with your dentist as you may need an adjustment. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident wearing false teeth.


To find out more about how should dentures fit in your mouth, or what you can do to make your dentures more comfortable please contact us for a confidential appointment: (07) 5317 1023 / (07) 5315 8076.

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