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Dentures do an important job of replacing a set of missing teeth. Usually created out of acrylic, to match the size and shape of your natural teeth, dentures can be taken out and put back in your mouth. The immediate denture procedure ensures that your dentures are available same-day so you don’t have to wait for a tooth replacement.


The Benefits Of Immediate Dentures

Restore Form And Function And Feel More Confident

Having an immediate denture is a tooth replacement that restores your smile and confidence if you have lost teeth. You can restore your smile as well as the functionality of your teeth. If you are missing teeth, it can cause volume loss in your face, as the muscles that are over the arches of your teeth drop. Having the dentures as support restores these muscles and contributes to a younger looking facial structure.


What Can You Expect From Immediate Dentures ?

Your immediate denture procedure usually begins with a thorough check up and consultation. Your teeth and mouth will be inspected and your dental practitioner will recommend a treatment plan, best suited to your long term needs. Your dentist may also present alternate tooth replacements to consider. If you need an immediate tooth replacement, an immediate denture may provide the best short term benefit.

During the immediate denture procedure your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and teeth so that your immediate denture can be manufactured to meet the exact size and contours of your mouth.

You may need a few impressions and adjustments before you can get the correct size and shape. 

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While conventional dentures may take as long as to two to three weeks to manufacture, an immediate denture will be available on the same day.

Conventional dentures may be recommended for use after extractions, and it may also be necessary to give your gums a chance to heal for a few weeks, if you have had extractions.


What Types Of Dentures Are Available?

The type of denture depends on the number of teeth you are missing. Complete or full dentures are used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. Partial dentures will be manufactured if you are missing teeth between existing teeth.


Conventional dentures

Conventional dentures are crafted by being placed over the mouth cavity, after teeth have been extracted and the soft tissues have healed. While it does mean that you will not have teeth for a week or two it does offer the benefit of a safe and well adjusted fit.


Immediate dentures 

Immediate dentures are manufactured straight after teeth have been extracted. An immediate denture offers the benefit of being used straight after teeth have been removed. It is possible to make modifications to an immediate denture once the gums have healed.


Are Immediate Dentures Painful?

A denture may cause some irritation and discomfort but is generally not painful. You can ensure that your dentures are modified to be as comfortable as possible.


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