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Even though the baby teeth fall out to make way for adult teeth, it’s important that the milk teeth are looked after. Sometimes damage like decay and trauma can affect the adult teeth that are waiting in the gums to emerge. Mouth guards for children offer a number of protective benefits and should be worn when your child plays contact sports. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of mouth guards for younger children.


What Are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are made from flexible plastic and are usually designed to cover the teeth of the upper jaw. They are fitted over the front of the teeth and can protect the teeth, tongue and soft tissue from damage and trauma by cushioning the wearer against the impact of the force because they absorb it.

Mouth guards can be purchased from leading sports retailers and pharmacies, and they can also be custom-built for your child’s mouth. Custom-built mouth guards for children offer the best protection because the dimensions are correct for your child’s mouth. A boil and bite mouthguard offers some level of customisation, to get a good fit and is a better choice than a store-bought guard. For younger children, a custom-built mouthguard offers the most effective protection against dental injury.


What Are The Benefits Of Mouth Guards For Children?


1. They Protect The Teeth Against Teeth Grinding

benefits mouth guards children sunshine coastBruxism or teeth grinding is a fairly common occurrence among children. Some children do it while they are awake, and sometimes so loudly that you can hear the sound. Other children might do it when they are frustrated, while others may do it at night while they are asleep. For the most part, the majority of children will grind their teeth at some point in life and not cause damage.

In other children, bruxism may be an ongoing event that causes damage or wear and tear to the teeth, which might be noticed by your dentist. In this case, it would be best for your child’s teeth to wear a mouth guard in order to prevent future damage. 


2. They Protect Your Child During Sports

Children should wear mouth guards during contact sports, but parents should also consider giving them to children for any kind of sport where equipment or other players are involved. Dental injuries can be prevented and minimised through the use of safety equipment, and parents can save themselves and their children a lot of trauma simply by investing in mouth guards for sports activities


3. They Protect Children Who Have Orthodontics

Children who wear braces are at risk of greater injury to their mouths because of the orthodontics during contact sports and non-contact sports. Braces can cause lacerations inside the mouth, and also injuries to the tongue and children and adolescents who wear them should wear a mouth guard whenever the sport is played.


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