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You may have heard how a mouthguard can protect you against dental injury but you may not be aware that a custom made mouthguard actually offers you optimal protection. Custom mouthguards are superior to those bought in stores because they are made to measure the exact shape and size of your oral cavity. Let’s consider whether a custom fitted mouthguard is worth the time and effort. The case for mouth guards is tight: they can prevent avoidable injuries as well as injuries to the jaw bone, but the caveat is that they need to be made to measure and not a generic size. That’s because no two mouths are the same. So, is a custom fitted gum guard worth it? Let’s consider the benefits when you are athletic.


Get The Best Protection Available 

Custom mouthguards are made from impressions that your dentist will take in his or her office. Having a custom gum guard means that each tooth in your jaw will be protected against impact and injury.

Get Comfortable Protection

Having a custom made mouthguard also means you will be more likely to wear it – and that’s the second most important step in looking after your teeth. You have to be wearing it for it to be protective, and many people are put off wearing generic versions because they are uncomfortable.  This may be truer for protecting against bruxism than during contact sports. Most of us need to be comfortable in order to sleep and if it is ill-fitting, it is going to interfere with the quality of your sleep, you probably won’t want to wear it.

Get More Oxygen

Dental PatientBarriers to breathing are unhelpful for sleep and sports. Not getting enough air into your lungs can be a problem if you’re trying to play rugby with a mouth shield that doesn’t fit right. When it is customised for you, it will not obstruct your airway when you’re sleeping or on the sports field. Conventional gum guards can cause a gag reflex when they don’t fit properly, which is uncomfortable and distracting. This shouldn’t happen and won’t be a problem if yours is custom made for your mouth.

Avoid Strong Scents And Tastes

Buying one from a store may be cheaper but they’re often manufactured from lower-quality materials and because of this may have a strong smell or taste. Having a custom made mouth protector avoids this issue and gives you a higher quality piece of protective gear. While it may require a bit more effort from you, in terms of visiting your dental practice for the impression, and cost more, you will receive a superior product that actually does a good job at protecting your teeth and jaw. Custom mouthguards should fit snugly around your upper jaw. They should not interfere with your ability to breathe or cause a gag reflex. They should be odourless and tasteless. With good care, mouthguards can outlast and outperform something you have bought from the store. For help with a custom-fitted mouthguard, it’s best to speak to a professional. Please contact us: Buderim: (07) 5317 1023 Caloundra: (07) 5315 8076   REFERENCES Mouthguards   Sports mouthguards

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