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Investing in a dental sport mouth guard offers you the best protection against dental injuries when you are at risk of injury. While contact sports present the highest risk to teeth and jaws, falls and unintentional collisions during non-contact sports can put you and your children at risk. Today we are going to explain the benefits of wearing sports mouth guards and why a custom-fitted mouth guard is the most effective.


Are You Really At Risk Of Dental Injury?

Dental trauma or injury refers to a wide range of injuries that can be inflicted during the course of fitness training, sports practice or competitive matches. As a nation, Australians play a lot of sports and the most common causes of dental trauma include falling over, experiencing trauma to your face and having accidents while playing sport.  Dental injuries are those that cause damage to the mouth, gums, teeth and jaw. A dental sport mouth guard is obligatory when playing contact sport but also highly recommended in other activities where you are at risk of falling or being impacted by a piece of sports equipment. Sports mouth guards offer a high level of protection  for

  • Off-road bike activities
  • White water rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Basketball
  • Hickey
  • Squash
  • Cricket
  • Skateboarding 


What Dental Injuries Can Sports Mouth Guards Protect You From?

A dental sport mouth guard can offer you protection from

  • A broken jaw
  • Cracked, fractured or damaged teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Lacerations and cuts to your gums and tongue

dental sport mouth guards sunshine coastResearchers also believe that by absorbing the impact of trauma to the jaw, wearing sports mouth guards can also protect sports players against concussions. Players who wear braces should always wear mouthguards during sport as you are at greater risk of injury to your soft tissue during impact. The Australian Dental Association recommends that anyone who is at risk of collision or contact during the course of a sports activity wear a mouthguard. By doing this you can avoid unnecessary medical and dental expenses, as well as the risk of irreversible damage. Wearing a custom-fitted sport mouth guard offers you the highest level of protection because it is customised to the shape and contours of your mouth and teeth. A custom-fitted sport mouth guard is also more comfortable to wear, and should not interfere with breathing and clear communication, so you can still perform optimally during a match.

Maintaining Your Mouthguard

If your mouthguard is showing signs of wear or tear, or if you have gained or lost any teeth you should replace it. Children and adolescents will probably need a new mouth guard every 18 months, as their jaws grow, baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth emerge. Any damage to your sports mouth guard can compromise its ability to protect you, so you should inspect it regularly for signs of wear. Give yourself the best level of protection and invest in a custom-fitted dental sport mouth guard. Please contact us to make an appointment for your fitting:


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