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Wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard is the most effective way to protect your mouth and teeth against dental injury. Every year sports and recreational activities are responsible for avoidable injuries to the mouth and teeth. Custom mouth guards are fitted to the size and shape of your mouth and offer you the best chance of protection. Let’s take a look at how to use a mouth guard to give you maximum protection.


What Kinds Of Injuries Can Occur During Sports And Recreational Activities?

While everyone should wear custom mouth guards when they are playing a contact sport, non-contact sports players may also benefit from protection. Believe it or not, sports like skateboarding, riding scooters and cycling account for as much as 44% of dental injuries

sports mouthguard fit sunshine coastSome of the most common injuries that may occur include

  • Chipped, cracked, broken or knocked-out teeth
  • Injuries to the tongue
  • Injuries to the jaw
  • Injuries to the soft tissue in the mouth.

Children and adolescents who have orthodontic braces should always wear custom mouth guards when playing sports as their risk of injury from their braces is greater.


How To Use Mouth Guard For Optimal Protection?

Having custom mouth guards made is the best way to ensure a snug fit. A well-fitted mouth guard is the best at absorbing trauma and impact.


How Do You Know Your Mouthguard Fits Well?

  • It should fit snugly but comfortably and not move around when you speak
  • You should be able to breathe and speak easily without gagging
  • The mouth guard should not have a bad odour or taste
  • A good mouth guard should have a thickness of at least 4mm in order to provide adequate protection against impact. 


How To Use Mouth Guard: Care And Hygiene

To keep your mouthguard in optimal condition you should clean and store it correctly. This means:

  • Rinse your mouth guard with soap and warm water and leave it to air dry after every use
  • Use an approved mouthwash to remove any residual bacteria on a regular basis
  • Store your mouth guard in a well-ventilated container between uses
  • Do not expose custom mouth guards to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures as this can affect the way they fit
  • Do not use the mouthguard if it is damaged
  • Children will need their custom mouth guards to be replaced every 12 to 18 months as they grow and the dimensions of their oral cavity changes



Are Custom Mouth Guards Expensive?

A custom made mouthguard may cost a bit more to buy than something straight off the shelf but the cost is much more affordable than the cost of dental injuries that could occur without one. Dental injuries can be very costly to treat, and many of them can be avoided by the simple action of wearing a mouth guard.


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