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Replacing missing teeth is important for your oral and overall health. Deciding whether to go ahead with denture treatment or dental implants will depend on your personal circumstances and is a decision you will make in consultation with your dentist. Both implants and full dentures pose a number of benefits, the biggest of which is tooth replacement. In this article, we will discuss dentures vs implants and the pros and cons of each. Find further details.



Dentures Vs Implants: Why Missing Teeth Must Be Replaced

Dentures and implants both do the important job of replacing missing teeth. Everyone needs a full set of teeth to chew their food and speak clearly. Not only that, your teeth are vital for maintaining facial volume. When you are missing teeth, your self-confidence can be affected too.


Dentures Vs Implants: The Pros And Cons



How Long Are You Prepared To Wait?

A set of full dentures can be completed in a shorter timeframe than dental implants. Arguably the biggest benefit of denture treatment is that it can be done much faster than a dental implant procedure. If you don’t have 18 months available for a tooth replacement, full dentures can help you to restore your mouth to full function. Immediate dentures can often be fitted on the same day, giving you an instant smile. 


Are You A Candidate For Dental Implant Surgery?

Not everyone can have dental implant surgery. If you are of advanced age or suffer from a condition that interferes with your body’s ability to heal, your dentist may advise you to consider denture treatment. All surgical procedures carry some risk and require considerable downtime while you heal. Implants are placed in stages, and it can take a number of months before your smile is restored. 


How Much Jawbone Do You Have?

Dental implants must be supported by a thick, strong jawbone. If you do not have enough bone in your jaw or cannot have a bone graft procedure, dentures replace your teeth.


Check Much Are You Prepared To Pay?

A set of full dentures is much more cost-effective than a full mouth restoration with implants. While it is possible to replace an entire arch of missing teeth using just four implants, the procedure is more costly than denture treatment. Discover more


Dentures Vs Implants: What’s Best For Your Oral Health?

There’s no way to tell which tooth replacement is best for everyone. Each patient needs to be assessed on their personal risk factors and presenting factors. If you are missing teeth, what’s most important is having them replaced to restore your quality of life. Deciding which treatment is best for your needs is something you will consult your dental practitioner over once you have been assessed. 

If you would like an immediate, non-surgical and cost-effective replacement for an arch of teeth, full dentures could be an option for you. To find out more about the pros and cons of dentures vs implants, or to book an assessment, please contact us:

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How to Choose Dentures or Implants — and Why 

Your Options When Considering Dentures and Dental Implants






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