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Every patient’s case is different so it is difficult to provide an average answer for how long to get dentures. On average it may take anything from six weeks to three months to complete the process of getting dentures. Let’s take a look at some of the most important considerations.


How Long To Get Dentures: What To Expect When Getting Dentures

Firstly, you will need to have a consultation with your dentist to assess the health of your remaining teeth. If you have some natural teeth, a partial denture could be made to support them. If this is not suitable for you, your dentist may recommend extracting your remaining teeth and making a full denture.

It’s important to note that if you have had extractions, your gums will need to go through a healing process before you can start wearing dentures. Your gums will swell after an extraction so creating a denture based on that state will result in false teeth that do not fit properly.



On average most patients take between six and eight weeks to heal after extractions, but your healing period could be a little more or a little less if you are getting dentures.

When your gums have healed it will be time to take the impression. The impression is a negative mould that is taken of your mouth, and which can be used to recreate the shape of your mouth

Once the impression has been cast, the dental technician will determine your bite and the orientation of your teeth. You will be asked for your input on the colour, shape and size of the false teeth before the wax blocks and impressions are sent away to the dental laboratory to be made.


How Long To Get Dentures: Immediate Dentures

getting dentures process sunshine coastImmediate dentures give patients the chance to have their extractions done and dentures made on the same day. Immediate dentures can be made available on the same day as teeth are extracted because they are made from an impression that is taken before the teeth are removed. 

Some patients prefer to have immediate dentures while they wait for their regular dentures to be manufactured. Immediate dentures must be worn for the first 48 hours without them being removed. They provide an effective solution for anyone who is getting dentures and doesn’t want to wait for the six weeks to three months period.

Getting dentures is a process that depends on the condition of your remaining teeth and gums. The process is much quicker if you do not need tooth extractions, and can be shortened if you opt to have immediate dentures fitted. If you don’t need tooth extractions, your dentures could be ready in just three weeks. If you have extractions, you’ll need to wait six to eight weeks before you can start the process, and it could take up to three months.


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