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While it is possible to break dentures when dropping them, you may also need denture repair due to general wear, tear, and changes in your mouth shape. If you suspect you have broken dentures, you must have them fixed by your dentist. In most cases, emergency denture repair services are available to help patients because fixing them yourself is generally not recommended. Let’s take a look at how to repair broken dentures so they do not cause mouth irritation. 


Why You Need To Repair Broken Dentures?

You should have your broken dentures repaired as soon as possible, as ill-fitting dentures can cause mouth irritation and sore spots. They may also not function very effectively.


Why Denture Repair May Be Necessary?

There are a few different scenarios that may necessitate a denture repair:

  • Dropping your dentures onto the floor or into an empty basin can break them or cause irreparable damage
  • Handling partial dentures too roughly can also cause damage
  • Over time, your mouth may change shape and the dentures that once fitted you so well may feel loose or uncomfortable

Dentures do not last forever. It is quite normal for them to lose shape or need relining once you have worn them for a few years.


What Can Go Wrong With Broken Dentures?

fix how to repair broken dentures sunshine coastIt’s possible that your dentures could become damaged by

  • One or more teeth falling out
  • The denture becoming cracked
  • A fracture that breaks a piece of the denture off
  • The plastic becoming damaged
  • Having a quick denture repair can help you to avoid discomfort.


How To Fix Broken Dentures?

The only answer to the question of ‘how to repair broken dentures’ is to take your dentures for professional care. Attempting to fix them yourself can cause more damage because it requires specialised equipment and professional knowledge, and not just the superglue you have at home. If you need an emergency denture repair, contact your dental practitioner immediately as you should be able to have it done on the same day.

If you do fix your own denture incorrectly, you can cause damage and irritation to your mouth.

What To Do About Poorly Fitting Dentures?

As your bone and gum tissue changes shape over time, your dentures may not feel as secure and comfortable as they did when you first got them. They may move around when you eat or speak. They may not feel as comfortable when you bite and chew on your food. These are generally signs that you need a denture repair due to wear and tear.

You should discuss your options with your dentist, and arrange to have your dentures relined as soon as possible. Poorly fitting dentures can become uncomfortable and cause sore spots to develop in your mouth.

While a denture repair kit may be available commercially and may provide you with temporary emergency denture repair, broken dentures always need to be referred to your dental practitioner for professional care. 


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