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Immediate dentures are a convenient way to avoid walking around with missing teeth after extractions. But did you know they also help to reduce swelling and speed up gum healing? Following your dental practitioner’s immediate denture instructions is essential to maximise comfort and ensure an excellent fit. Here are some of the instructions we share with our clients to make the process go smoothly.


First, a note on eating and drinking

While chewing will be uncomfortable in the first few days after your immediate dentures are fitted, it’s really important that you have good hydration and nutrition for the healing process. Broths, soups, and smoothies are a good source of vitamins and minerals, and an excellent source of hydration too. By the end of the second day, you should be able to eat more textured food and improve the variety of your diet.


Immediate Denture Instructions: Important Tips To Take Note Of



24-Hours After Fitting Immediate Dentures

Keep your denture in your mouth for the first 24-hours. This places pressure on your gums and reduces swelling after tooth extraction. It functions as a bandage and also reduces bleeding. Removing your denture can cause swelling and it may be difficult to put it back in.

Take your pain medication regularly too. It’s better to take the medication on a schedule rather than wait for the pain. As well as managing pain, the medications we prescribe work to reduce swelling. If you do still feel discomfort or notice swelling you can use an ice pack or cold compress.

Once 24-hours have passed, you can remove the denture. Hold some warm water in your mouth and use the water to loosen it from its position.


Two To Three Days Later

Some patients experience bleeding in the first few days after fitting immediate dentures. This is normal too. If this happens to you, bite down with your dentures to curb the bleeding. Try to avoid clenching and releasing the pressure as this can make it worse. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, please contact your dental practitioner for advice.


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The First Five Days

During the first five days, you should only remove immediate dentures for cleaning.

Also, avoid mouthwash for the first five days as this could slow your healing process down.


Immediate Denture Instructions: Denture Care 

After removing the denture for the first time, you must clean it. Use a mild soap or dishwashing detergent. You must rinse it after eating and drinking.


Getting Used To Immediate Dentures

Wearing dentures take some getting used to. It’s common to feel discomfort as your gums get accustomed to the pressure. Even if yours fit perfectly, it’s normal for sore spots to develop and they should improve after a day or two. If they don’t, please speak to your dental practitioner so that your denture can be adjusted or so that you can be prescribed an ointment to relieve the discomfort and prevent it from worsening.


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