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Comfortable, well-fitted dentures are necessary to eat with comfort and speak confidently. However, over time, factors like bone resorption can result in loose dentures compromising oral health. Loose-fitting dentures can cause a host of inconveniences and discomforts and need to be checked by your dentist as soon as you notice a change in fit. In this post, we will discuss what causes loose dentures and what can be done to fix them.


What Causes Loose Fitting Dentures?

The biggest factor behind loose dentures is bone resorption which typically happens when you have been missing teeth for a while. Without tooth roots to stimulate your jaw, bone loss occurs. This means the comfortable denture you were fitted with initially, gets looser over time.


Why Do Loose Fitting Dentures Compromise Oral Health?

When a denture is loose, it moves around in your mouth. This can cause food and debris to get trapped between your false teeth and your gum line. The constant movement causes chafing and irritation, which can lead to sore spots and oral infections that have a negative impact on your oral health.


How To Fix Loose Dentures

Fortunately, your dentist can help you with loose-fitting dentures. You do not have to experience discomfort with your prosthesis. You have a couple of options available to you:


Consider suction dentures

Lower suction dentures (SEMCD) are a new way to address the problems associated with loose-fitting dentures. Your false teeth are held in position by suction or a force of cohesion, which alleviates many of the common issues experienced by patients who have prostheses.


Try denture adhesive

Sometimes a little denture adhesive can make wearing your false teeth a more comfortable experience.


Have a reline

It’s quite common for a denture to need a reline every few years. This is an interim repair that can be done to improve fit and comfort, instead of investing in a new one. A soft reline adds some extra cushioning, making it more comfortable. A soft reline is a relatively quick procedure that can often be done while you wait.


The Benefits Of Fixing Loose Dentures


  • loosen dentures sunshine coastA loose denture is uncomfortable to wear. It makes speech more difficult when it moves around.
  • When your denture is loose, it can be uncomfortable or painful to chew and eat
  • A denture that doesn’t fit securely moves around in your mouth, causing irritation to your gums. This can lead to sore spots, irritation, and yeast infections that affect your oral health.

Any changes in fit should be reported to your dentist as soon as possible. These issues will not self-resolve, and any side effects or symptoms you experience will worsen over time. It’s advisable to visit your dentist twice a year so he or she can assess your mouth as well as the condition of your false teeth. Any problems with the fit can be dealt with swiftly, either with relining, repairs or SEMCD.


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