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Wearing mouth guards for basketball or any contact sport is an important part of your safety protocol. Playing fast-paced games puts you in close contact with other players, and the risk of injury is always present.  A mouth guard absorbs the shock of the impact and can save you a visit to your doctor. Today we’re going to take a look at 5 very convincing reasons you should invest in a high quality, custom mouthguard.


What Is A Mouthguard?

When it fits correctly a mouthguard functions as a cushion inside your mouth, protecting your teeth and soft tissue against impact injury and shock when playing sports. An effective mouthguard is comfortable and fits well, does not affect your ability to communicate or breathe and is easy to clean. 

Even though mouthguards for basketball are not yet mandated as part of the required safety equipment, choosing to wear mouthguards can save you a lot of trauma and a visit to the doctor. Getting into the routine of having your child wear a mouthguard can safeguard him or her against a dental injury in their youth, and the dental problems it could cause.


Mouth guards for basketball protect your mouth, teeth and jaw

A mouthguard offers protection to the mouth, teeth and jaw bone while playing a contact sport like basketball. If you wear mouthguards that fit well, any impact or trauma will be cushioned and redistributed by the mouthguard if it fits correctly.

Reduce your chances of general injury

Believe it or not, basketball does cause dental injuries when compared to other sports like football, and this is why it is important for players of all ages, including youth, to protect themselves.

Make sure you get a custom mouth guard for a proper fit. Ask your doctor for a referral.

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A mouth guard for basketball is cheaper than restorative dental work

It is much cheaper to avoid the problem of dental injury than it is to treat the problem. The cost of dental treatments depends on the extent of the problem, but a mouthguard will always be a more cost-effective investment, plus you can avoid the trauma and pain of a dental injury. A good mouth guard will still allow you to communicate clearly with your other team members.

Mouthguards are easy to maintain

All you really need to do is keep your mouth guard clean after a basketball game and this just requires a little bit of time, a soft-bristled brush and a small amount of toothpaste. Just like your natural teeth, your mouthguard is subjected to lots of oral bacteria and needs to be cleaned after each use.

Protect your soft tissue

If you wear mouthguards you can also protect the soft tissue inside your cheeks and on your tongue against abrasions, bruises and cuts. This makes them especially useful and important for kids who may wear braces and may be at greater risk of soft tissue injury playing basketball.


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