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Sports Mouthguard

Where can I get my custom-fitted mouthguard?


Custom Denture Clinic is the perfect place to come and to get your mouthguard.


Andre and Pierre will be happy to see you or your children. They are fully qualified and are very gentle when taking impressions. With their dental technician background, they also know exactly what to look for to ensure that the best model is achieved, to technically fit the mouthguard perfectly! Remember, no referral is needed!


We have a large range of fun colors and colour combinations to suit everyone’s taste or team colors and in addition to this we also offer the possibility of adding a name & phone number, which is layered into the mouthguard. This becomes very useful if lost!


Having our own in-house laboratory, we can ensure you  that the best materials are used (all as per Australian standards) and in case of emergency, your mouthguard can be processed very rapidly!


We understand that it is not always easy for parents to get some time off to take your kids to us… this is why we also offer a mobile service to your sports club. However, please contact us for more details about this service.


  • Mouthguards should fit properly and not block breathing or interfere with speech. Problems occur when a mouth guard is:

  • Chewed – will destroy the fit

  • Thrown in washing machine with dirty, sweaty sports gear

  • Not cleaned – allows bacteria to grow

  • Mouthguards need to be kept clean

  • Prevent possible disease transmission and infection through cleaning and proper maintenance

  • Mouthguards are porous and may allow bacterial growth

  • You should review your dentist/ prosthetist every year to ensure that it fits correctly. Mouthguards need to be replaced regularly if major changes occur to the teeth, like restorations or adult teeth coming through.

Prevention & Protection


Our aim is to raise awareness on the importance of wearing a customised mouthguard while playing any contact sports and also to ensure we can offer you the best product and service fo your family.


Quality & Service guarantee
  • All our mouthguards are professionally & locally made with care.

  • Our prosthetist and technicians are fully qualified

  • No referral is needed

  • Wide selection of colours available

  • Name and phone no. can be added

  • Free mouthguard container

  • In case of emergency, it can be done very quickly

  • Private Health Funds processed directly via Hicaps, with a minimum out of pocket

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