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According to the Australian Dental Association, each year, many adults and children are getting dental treatments that could have been prevented by simply wearing a mouthguard.

Safe mouthguards are specially designed with comfort and safety in mind. They are made from a soft, medical-grade plastic that is designed to fit comfortably in the mouth and protect teeth and gums from injury during contact sports.


Who Needs a Mouthguard

A sports mouthguard offers superior protection for athletes engaging in contact sports like football, rugby union, hockey, basketball, rugby league, and wrestling. These sports are considered to carry a high risk of accidental collision.

If you or your child engage in any contact sport, it is important to have a sports-safe mouthguard to ensure safety and optimal performance on the field or court. Investing in a mouthguard is an important step towards protecting your smile for years to come!



What Can Happen Without Mouthguards

Dental trauma from sporting injury can cause multiple damages to the teeth, including the tooth nerve, fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth, a broken jaw, and damage to the tongue and cut lips. 


Getting a Custom-Fitted Mouthguard – What To Expect

The process of getting a custom mouthguard begins with an appointment with your prosthetist. They will take a series of impressions and measurements to create a cast model of your mouth. This model is then used to craft your perfect-fitting, comfortable mouthguard.

It’s important to ensure that the guard is comfortable and custom-fitted snugly without restricting breathing or interfering with your speech. Finally, make sure that you clean and maintain the mouthguard regularly to extend its life and keep it in top condition.

Following the initial fitting, you may need one or two more appointments for adjustments and to ensure the fit is perfect and comfortable. After that, you’ll have your very own custom-fitted sports-safe mouthguard!

By taking these steps and choosing a sports-safe mouthguard, athletes can be confident in their protection on the field or court while still enjoying the comfort and normal breathing. With proper care and maintenance, mouthguards can last up to three years.


Prevention of Dental Injury

protection dental injuries mouth guards sunshine coastThis custom-made mouthguard is the best protection against dental injuries. The soft plastic material helps to absorb impacts, reducing the risk of lacerations, chips, fractures and other jaw injuries. With a snug fit that won’t slip or move during gameplay, athletes can be confident that their teeth will remain safe from contact trauma.

The mouthguard also helps to protect against concussion and other head injuries by absorbing some of the force from impacts before it reaches the jaw or skull. The breathing holes allow for improved airflow so athletes can continue playing without feeling restricted.

Sports mouthguards offer peace of mind while playing contact sports, knowing that your teeth are protected from injury. They are an essential piece of equipment for all athletes who play physical sports, and investing in one can help keep you safe on the court or field. Custom Denture Clinic offers a wide range of mouthguard sizes and colours to fit every athlete’s needs and wants, so book your appointment to find the perfect fit for you today! 

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