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Wearing new partial dentures can take some getting used to because they may not behave exactly like your natural teeth. Today we are going to share some of our denture tips and tricks to ease the transition period and help you adjust faster. Let’s take a look.


Denture Tips And Tricks For New Denture Wearers



Give Yourself Time

Practising patience is a good rule to begin with. Like anything in life, wearing partial dentures is going to take some time to get used to. Eating and speaking may feel slightly different because dentures are not exactly the same as natural teeth. What’s important is that you don’t give up. If you find that wearing dentures isn’t getting easier after the first week or two, or you have persistent problems, go back to your dentist and ask for assistance. It’s possible that your false teeth might need an adjustment.


Eat Slowly

You may want to start off eating softer food than you were with natural teeth. You will need to get used to the bite force of your new partial dentures, and this may be easier to do if you begin with food that is soft and easy to chew. 

Our tip to make eating easier: Take small bites of food and chew it slowly to get used to the way that it feels. Gradually introduce more textured food as chewing becomes easier.


Practice Speaking

ease wearing dentures sunshine coastYou might not like the way it feels to speak with dentures compared with your natural teeth, but we can assure you that this becomes easier with time and practice. One of our denture tips and tricks is to speak more as you get used to it. Talk to yourself or read aloud to get accustomed to the way your tongue moves around your dentures in the first few weeks. Sometimes patients are surprised at how full their mouths feel with dentures, but this should get easier to manage the longer you wear your false teeth.

It will take a few weeks for the muscles in your mouth to get used to holding your false teeth in place. Your tongue, cheeks and lip muscles all work together to hold the denture in the correct position. Practising when you are alone is the best way to train these muscles to hold the denture secure.

Our tip to make speaking easier: Biting or swallowing before speaking can help to position your denture correctly and stop it from moving around.


Drink Plenty Of Water

Your mouth needs to be well hydrated to tolerate partial dentures properly. If you have dry mouth, it will make wearing them more difficult. Make sure you drink lots of water or speak to your general practitioner if you are taking medication that contributes to dry mouth. Conversely, some patients find that they produce more saliva when they first start wearing dentures. This is a transitional occurrence and will improve as you get used to wearing them.


Knowing denture tips and tricks can help you to get used to wearing false teeth faster. For more expert advice, please contact us for a consultation:

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