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A well-fitting mouthguard offers you the best line of defence when playing contact sports. While there are commercial designs available from retail outlets, having a custom fit mouthguard is the safest and most effective way to approach it. There are also boil and bite designs available, however, having a fitting with your dental practitioner gives you the closest fit and the best level of protection. Let’s take a step by step look at how to fit a mouthguard.


The Importance Of Wearing A Mouth Guard


Protect Your Mouth And Head

A well-fitting mouthguard provides protection against impact injuries to the mouth and head. It is good practice to wear a mouthguard during any kind of sport, but especially contact sport where the risk of impact is elevated. Chipped, cracked and knocked out teeth, as well as jaw and head injuries can be minimised when you protect yourself by wearing a mouthguard.


Mouthguards For Orthodontics

importance how to fit a mouthguard sunshine coastChildren and teens who wear braces should also invest in mouth guards as they are at risk of injury by their orthodontics, and injuries could be problematic for orthodontic treatment.

You will also need to have your mouthguard adjusted as your teeth shift with your orthodontics.

It is possible to use mouthguards that can be remodelled multiple times while undergoing orthodontic treatment.


How To Fit A Mouthguard? 

Wearing a custom fit mouthguard offers the highest level of protection because it is designed to fit the dimensions of your mouth and teeth. You will go to a fitting where an impression will be taken of your mouth


Fitting The Boil And Bite Type

If you don’t have time for a custom fit mouthguard, a boil and bite mouthguard is better than nothing at all. This is how to fit a mouthguard that is a boil and bite type:

First, remove the mouth guard from its packaging and insert it into your mouth. Get used to what it feels like and how it will fit. If it is too big, you can trim it down to fit better. 

Once the fit is better, practice biting into it. Press it into the roof of your mouth with your tongue and bite down gently.

Then, boil a kettle of water, and pour it into a mug. Allow it to cool down for approximately three minutes. Immerse the mouthguard in the mug for one minute before removing it with tongs. Let it cool down enough to be touched and then insert it into your mouth. Bite down carefully to generate an even impression of your jaws. Put pressure on the mouthguard with your tongue, then remove it and immerse it in cold water for 10 seconds.

The right fit is key. A mouthguard can only offer you protection against impact if it fits well enough to absorb the impact evenly. 


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