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Damage to dentures can occur as a result of dropping them, or because of gradual wear and tear, which causes damage to occur over a period of time. Broken dentures must be repaired by a professional as attempting to do it yourself can result in irreparable damage to the denture or irritation to your mouth. We’re going to explain how to fix broken dentures and why it’s so important to get professional assistance. 


The Importance Of Maintaining Your Dentures

Poorly fitting dentures or a denture that is not well looked after can change shape over time and become uncomfortable. By looking after them properly you can help to maintain their overall structure, which means they may be less likely to break if dropped.


When Dentures Don’t Fit Properly

Because dentures do not replace missing teeth at the root it is quite common for the underlying bone and gum tissue to change shape over time.

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This means that your dentures may not fit as well as they used to, which can cause irritation in your mouth. If this does occur it is possible for your dentist to reline or rebase them. In some instances it might be necessary to remake them. Relining dentures occurs when a new resin is applied to the bottom of the broken denture while rebasing refers to the process of changing the base to a new material.

In addition, broken dentures may also refer to
  • Fracturing or losing one or more teeth from your denture
  • Chipping or breaking the denture 
  • Scraping or damaging the plastic


How To Fix Broken Dentures?

Of course the kind of repair work undertaken will depend on the extent of the damage done. While it may be possible to replace a missing or damaged tooth from your broken denture, standing on and breaking your prosthesis is likely to result in you needing a replacement for your broken dentures.

In the event that you have a broken denture, being able to repair it generally depends on how big the broken component is. Being able to repair the broken denture also often depends on whether the broken piece is missing or not.

Any damages to the plastic of your denture do need to be addressed as soon as possible. When the material is rough or scraping against your gums or soft tissue it can cause irritation and damage to your mouth.

Emergency Broken Denture Repair

Dentists and prosthetists understand how important your dentures are to your comfort and quality of life and many offer emergency or same-day repair services to assist you. Do not be tempted to undertake repair work on your own as you can cause irreparable damage to the denture. Do it yourself repair kits are no substitute for a professional service and using them to fix a broken denture may end up costing you more in the long run. 


If you need help with how to fix broken dentures it’s always best to seek professional help. Please contact us for emergency and same-day denture repairs: 

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