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Don’t let multiple missing teeth ruin your smile. Your prosthetist can provide a removable partial denture to restore your smile and confidence and prevent the remaining natural teeth from shifting. If that’s not right for you, consider considering dental implants or fixed dentures – they all perform the same job: replacing missing teeth and restoring your oral health and aesthetics back to their original glory.

Removable partial dentures are an option that can provide you not only a fully functional set of teeth again but also improve facial aesthetics and boost confidence levels.

What are removable partial dentures?

Removable partial dentures, which contain a pink or gum-coloured plastic base and artificial replacement teeth, are ideal for individuals with one or several missing yet natural teeth. These dentures either attach to the existing natural tooth with clasps or through precision attachments – depending on the situation. In some cases, they also have metal frameworks that maintain them in place inside your mouth.


How many types of removable partial dentures are there?

There are three different types of partial removable dentures:

Flexible partial dentures

If you happen to be allergic to metal or acrylic, then a flexible partial denture could be the perfect option for restoring your missing teeth. Constructed from a thin and pliable type of plastic material, these dentures are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Despite being one of the most costly types available on the market, they may provide an acceptable solution in terms of both cost-effectivenesses as well as longevity – even if not quite at par with traditional cast metal ones.

Cast metal removable partial dentures

Removable Partial Dentures are the most common type of partials, using either metal clasps or more discreet precision attachments to attach firmly to your natural teeth. While metal clasps have a lower cost than those with precision attachments, they lack aesthetic appeal and may appear unnatural. Cast Metal Removable Partial Dentures provide a permanent solution that looks great and lasts for many years – making them an ideal choice for long-term comfort and confidence in your smile.

Acrylic clasp removable partial dentures

These dentures are crafted from pink material to fit on the tissue within your mouth. However, due to their delicate nature and propensity for breaking, they usually only serve as a temporary solution until one’s Cast Metal Removable Partial Denture is ready. Additionally, although flipper dentures offer an inexpensive option amongst removable dentures, they aren’t always ideal because of how thick their acrylic base can be and thus make them uncomfortable.

What are the advantages of removable partial dentures?

partial denture removable sunshine coastRemovable Partial Dentures boast numerous benefits, making them a great choice for dental care.

  1. Removable partial dentures are a cost-effective alternative to other treatment options.
  2. They are easier to clean and maintain than some other dental options.
  3. They can help restore the look of your smile while filling out the spaces caused by missing teeth.
  4. Removable partial dentures can provide additional support and stability for existing teeth, allowing them to last longer.
  5. They allow for more effective chewing of food, which helps with digestion, health and nutrition absorption from food.
  6. These types of dentures can be custom fitted for comfort and be adjusted as needed without frequent visits to your prosthetist

What is the difference between removable and fixed dentures?

While both removable and fixed dentures ultimately aim to restore the patient’s ability to eat comfortably and smile confidently, there are some key distinctions between them.

  1. Removable dentures are designed to be taken out for cleaning, while fixed dentures are permanently affixed in place.
  2. Fixed dentures are more stable due to being anchored into the jawbone, while removable dentures can move when eating or talking.
  3. Removable dentures may require more frequent adjustments as your mouth changes over time, while fixed dentures stay in place and do not require regular alterations.
  4. Fixed dentures typically cost more than a removable set of dentures; however, they can last longer due to their durability.
  5. Removable dentures generally require more maintenance, such as soaking them overnight and brushing daily, whereas fixed dentures don’t need any additional care besides flossing and rinsing with mouthwash occasionally.
  6. Removable dentures can be replaced easily in the event that they become outdated or damaged due to wear and tear, whereas fixed denture replacements can be costly and time-consuming procedures.

What should I expect during the denture fitting process?

It may take several weeks and various trips to your prosthetists before you can finally reap the rewards of denture development treatments. However, after a thorough examination, the prosthetists will be able to explain in detail what’s taking place inside your mouth and determine whether you’re eligible for removable partial dentures.

The first step is to take what is called an “impression” of your mouth. This is essentially a mould that captures the shape and size of your mouth and the position of your natural teeth and gums. This provides the lab technicians with a physical form that they can use to build the denture specifically to your individual needs.

removable partial dentures sunshine coastThe second step is the fitting process. The technician will place the adapted dental prosthesis in your mouth and make sure it fits properly.

This may involve some small adjustments, such as adding a few millimetres to certain points where greater pressure is applied in order to ensure comfort when you wear it.


The third and final step is finishing. During this meeting, you will be shown how to care for your prosthesis properly, how to insert and remove it, and how to clean it regularly at home so that it stays in good condition for a long time.

What happens after the removable partial denture is ready to use?

As you transition to your new dentures, they may feel a bit strange and awkward. This is perfectly normal – just give your mouth some time to adjust. You can also expect temporary irritation until it gets accustomed to the device; this should subside with repeated use. Furthermore, don’t forget regular checkups as well as readjustments every so often because these devices must be tailored specifically for how your mouth evolves over time due to age-related changes in shape or size.

How to take care of your new removable dentures?

Cleaning Tips

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your removable dentures, it’s best to brush them twice per day. This will help to remove plaque-causing bacteria while also preventing staining of the denture material. Make sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush designed specifically for cleaning dentures when brushing, as hard bristles can damage the delicate material of your denture. Additionally, rinse off any food particles that may become stuck in the crevices after meals.

Overnight Care

Before going to bed each night, make sure to soak your removable dentures in water or an approved cleansing solution. This will help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria while you sleep, allowing you to wake up with clean and healthy dentures every morning. Be aware that boiling hot water is not recommended for soaking as this may cause damage to your denture material over time. For additional protection against odour-causing bacteria, use an overnight soaking solution that contains oxygenating ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine.

Professional Maintenance

It’s important to visit your prosthetists regularly for professional maintenance of your removable dentures. During these visits, a professional prosthetist or dental technician will inspect the fit and function of your denture base as well as all attachments, such as clasps and prosthetic teeth. Plus, they can also detect any cracks or damage that may have developed over time which could pose a threat if left unaddressed.

Taking good care of your removable dentures is key for prolonging their lifespan and preserving their natural appearance. With just a few easy steps daily—including brushing twice per day, soaking overnight in approved solutions, and visiting a professional periodically—you’ll always have comfortable and beautiful-looking removable dentures.

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Your artificial teeth should fit your needs and requirements, so it is wise to plan a consultation with your prosthetists. Here at Custome Denture Clinic, we will consider all of the relevant factors that go into making this important decision with you– just give us a call.

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