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Dentures are a type of dental prosthesis, or artificial teeth, that can be used to replace missing teeth. They provide an effective solution for those who have lost their natural teeth due to injury, disease, or ageing. Dentures can help restore the look and feel of your mouth and provide you with improved oral health. With proper care and maintenance, dentures will last for many years and help improve your quality of life by allowing you to eat better, speak more clearly, smile more confidently, and enjoy other activities without worrying about missing teeth. Whether you need partial or full dentures, there are different tips that can help you get used to new dentures.


Eat Carefully

For the first weeks, it’s important to gradually incorporate new dentures into your everyday life. Wearing them while eating meals is one essential step. Soft foods work best when getting used to the changes brought on by the dentures, as they are easier to chew and swallow than hard foods.


Use Denture Adhesive

Denture adhesives offer users an extra layer of stability and comfort when getting used to wearing dentures. Many brands offer a variety of formulations, giving wearers the chance to find their perfect fit depending on activity level, diet and lifestyle. While dentures adhesives are not necessary for the majority of denture wearers, they can be helpful in getting accustomed to wearing them all day while enjoying the same kinds of foods they’re used to eating.


Give Your Gums a Rest

Whether you’re having full or partial dentures, it’s important to give your gums a rest! By taking some time out of your day to remove your dentures and set them aside, you can promote better healing and prevent discomfort when putting them back in. This practice ensures that your gums are getting the relief they deserve while also helping you get more accustomed to wearing dentures on an everyday basis.


Treat any Pain Immediately

Pain is an unwelcome but possible side effect of getting new dentures. It should not be ignored, as it can diminish the quality of your daily life if left unattended. It’s important to address even mild discomfort immediately by speaking to your prosthetist and getting the appropriate care and instruction necessary for getting the most out of your new way of life.


wearing comfort dental prosthetics sunshine coastBrush your dentures regularly

It is important to start developing the habit of brushing them regularly right away. This will help you get used to wearing your dentures, and it will also make sure that they stay clean and free of bacteria. When you brush your dentures, just like brushing natural teeth, use a soft brush and a cleaning solution made specifically for dentures. Getting into this good habit early on will help ensure that your dentures remain healthy and that your mouth stays fresh.


Regular Checkups with your Prosthetists

Regular visits to your prosthetists are crucial for optimal oral health, especially if you’ve recently received dentures. At each appointment, they can help make sure the dentures fit comfortably and provide any adjustments as needed. As our gums and jaw bone change over time, which can lead to poorly fitting dentures.



It may take a little time to get used to your new dentures, but with a bit of patience and practice, you’ll be eating and speaking normally in no time. Be sure to follow these tips for getting used to dentures, brush your dentures regularly, see your prosthetist for regular checkups, and try different foods until you find what works best for you. If you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to contact Custom Denture Clinic. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Don’t wait – book an appointment today!

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