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Wearing dentures takes some getting used to. Fortunately, each of the first time denture wearer problems that exist has a solution. In this post, we are going to assist you with solutions to some of these problems so you can manage them better.


First Time Denture Wearer Problems



Denture Problems: Mouth Irritation

It’s a common problem for first time denture wearers: your new false teeth are irritating the sensitive tissues in your mouth. Your gums are not used to supporting false teeth, so sore spots may develop in certain areas.

The solution: Taking your dentures out at night gives your gums a chance to heal. This is a problem that should self-resolve in a few weeks or as your gums get used to wearing false teeth. If you have been wearing dentures for some time already and your mouth is irritated, it could be a sign that your dentures need adjustment, and you should visit your dentist.


Denture Problems: Difficulty Eating And Speaking

Your teeth are essential for eating and speaking, and when you have natural teeth, it’s easy to take this for granted. When wearing dentures, you become acutely aware of how important they are for these functions.

The solution for dentures that move around: Practice is the best remedy to address dentures that move around. Practice speaking when you are alone to establish which words and sounds are most difficult and learn how to compensate. You may need to speak slower. Reading out loud is an excellent way to get used to how your dentures feel when you speak.

practical solutions denture wearer issues sunshine coastCut your food into very small bites and chew it slowly to get used to the difference in using false teeth. Start off chewing softer foods to make this process easier.

If you find that speaking and eating do not get easier with time, visit your dentist for some expert help. It is possible that your dentures need to be adjusted for a better fit. If this is not the case, your dental practitioner may recommend using denture adhesive to keep them in position. If you have been wearing dentures for some time and slippage is a persistent problem, speak to your dental practitioner about suction dentures as an alternative.


Denture Problems: Mouth Infections

Wearing dentures could make you more vulnerable to mouth infections caused by yeast overgrowth or dentures that don’t fit well. Cheilitis is a mouth infection that causes inflammation and the corners of your mouth to crack. Stomatitis is another mouth infection that causes inflammation in your mouth as a result of yeast overgrowth.

Practising excellent denture care can help to control the amount of yeast growing in your mouth. Dentures that fit correctly are important to avoid these infections too. If you notice that your denture doesn’t fit as well as it used to, you must contact your dental practitioner for an adjustment. If you have a mouth infection, you will need medication to clear it up.


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