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Dentures give you the opportunity to replace missing teeth and restore confidence in your smile. The design of modern dentures has improved immensely in recent years, to provide wearers with the most natural-looking prosthesis. Knowing what are dentures made of can help you to keep them clean and in their best shape, and in so doing, help them to last longer.


What Are Dentures?

Dentures are used to replace a row of missing teeth, in order to restore your smile and bite functionality. Having a full set of teeth is also important for aesthetic reasons because your teeth create facial volume and fullness. People who are missing a lot of teeth may appear to have hollow cheeks or look gaunt.

Dentures are not permanent and can be removed. They are usually taken out before you clean them and before you go to bed at night. 

Depending on the number of missing teeth you have, your dentist may recommend partial or full dentures. An implant-retained denture is held in place by dental implants but can also still be removed when needed. While years ago they may not have been very comfortable or well-fitted, modern denture designs have evolved by a long way to ensure a natural-looking smile and false teeth that can grind food down effectively.

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What Are Dentures Made Of?

A few different denture materials may be used in the manufacture of your dentures. The denture materials used also depend on the type of denture you have. 

If you are having partial dentures, for example, you may have metal clips on yours to keep them in place, whereas full dentures may make use of acrylic or metal clasps. 


False Teeth

The false teeth are usually crafted from acrylic, which allows the technician to create tooth replacements that resemble your natural teeth very closely. Sometimes nylon might be used instead of acrylic 

It is possible for the acrylic to get damaged or break if you use very abrasive substances to clean your dentures, or if you happen to drop them. This can happen when cleaning them so you are advised to remove them over a basin of water or place a towel below you to soften the fall.


The Denture Plate

The base or plate is what holds the false teeth in place, and is usually made from acrylic or metal


How Will Your Dentures Be Crafted?

First, your dental practitioner will take measurements of the dimensions of your mouth, before a model is created. The model is typically created from plaster and wax. The dental technician will then replace the wax components with the denture materials and the plaster will have a treatment so that the acrylic does not get stuck to it.

Once the process is complete the plaster will be removed and the acrylic will be polished. You will visit your dental technician for a fitting and the necessary adjustments will be made for a comfortable fit.


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